CFL PC grow Northern Lights!

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    Yeah I know, but I gotta move out by the 31st, and I won't be able to continue the grow. I'm on about week 7 of flowering, exact dates unknown lol
  2. Ahhh that makes sense. It'll still be some good smoke, so don't let me worry ya too much! :D

    Congrats on the grow man
  3. Well I chopped down the biggest bud today. Partly because I wanted to sample it, and partly to have some extra for new years, and partly to shed some light on the buds it was hiding.

    Weighed in at 7.7g's which is pretty impressive because I haven't watered it in 2 days (She only takes a day to be dry 3-4" in the soil)

    Chopped off a tiny bit of the nug to quick dry and sample. For it being still kinda wet and uncured it's not half bad. Definitely a head high, although when I was hitting it I did feel my legs tingle a bit. I'm impressed and happy, this is my first successful grow and I'm still hoping for at least a half.

    She'll be getting 24 darkness tomorrow, and I plan to chop the rest on the 31st. The rest will be dried at a friend's house and then cured for 2 weeks during which I'll be on a semi t-break (1 week straigt, 2-3 times the second week). I'm looking forward to how much I'll be looking forward to come back after a long break (I've been smoking on avg. 2 bowls of dank a day for about a year) and smoke what I created.

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  4. Harvest went good, got 58.2 grams wet, thinking right under an ounce once dry. I'll update you guys on the final dry weight and the smoke report in 2 weeks. My t-break starts tomorrow :(
  5. Got a little over 15g dried. Unfortunately that's down to about 10g's that I'm saving for cure

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