CFL PC grow Northern Lights!

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  1. Dealer had an O of some really seedy northern lights. Good bud, but a shit ton of seeds. I kept them all, and now it's time to grow.

    4 23-27 W CFlS
    21" PC case w/ gutted power supply
    4 fans running off of a laptop adapter (Lots of amperage :hello:)
    And most important is time. I have 3 months till I move back for school, if it doesn't grow in that time I will either harvest early (given it's mature enough to at least smoke) or I will hand it off to a friend of mine to finish up.

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  2. Day 6 and all but 1 plant has sprouted. On seems pretty sick with yellow spots and stunted growth on one leaf. Can any one help me determine what caused this? I planted them all in flushed organic miracle grow

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  3. Miracle grow is really strong fertilizer.. You said it was flushed but im sure there are leftover nutes.. But for the warped leaf I'd say its a ph issue. Did you flush with ph'd water between 6.3-6.8? Seedlings are really testy when it comes to ph and nutes, I would just wait it out and let them grow out of their deficiencies, also if you can temperature permitting lower the lights
  4. I will adjust the water from now on, I didn't do it when I flushed them. The plants are at most 4.5" away from the lights...that angle is kind of deceiving.
  5. When you flush you are flushing out the built up salt content, and in your case nutrients out of the soil, basically starting fresh. Monitoring the Ph during the flush ensures that your soil is being adjusted as well and will help keep your ph stable so long as you adjust your water too. 4.5 inches is still not as good as say 2 inches? when your dealing with cfls you want them as close as freakin possible since your dealing with low intensity lighting. If heat isn't an issue, drop em on down
  6. I keep mine a half inch from my light because its indica and sativas I keep an inch away sativas seem to grow faster then these northern lights do so that's why I do it this way
  7. Now seeing as how I have limited space, What should I do when they start fighting for space? I plan on letting them veg for the rest of this month (maybe 1 week into November) and I'm sure I won't have enough space by then :mad:

    These are not feminized so should I just take out the weakest looking plants when the time comes?

    And when should I transplant them into bigger pots? They're currently in 9 oz. cups, after these I plan on transplanting them into 20 oz. Will these be big enough for them until they show sex? How can I tell when they're becoming rootbound?

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  8. I have never followed a pc grow from start to finish...but if i was subjected to that limited space, I would try to do a scrog, which could be possible with the correct training...its actually the only way i can see maximizing space...looks good though and good luck!
  9. To be honest this will be my 2nd attempted grow, and I'm not sure how comfortable I am doing that technique. I planned on LST them. What exactly is the difference between SCROG and LST? Am I just using the wire to train them instead of tying them down?

  10. The ideas are the same, the only real difference is tying the plant down, or training it under a screen. I used LST on my first one, just because it was easier to remove my plant for inspection
  11. I'm thinking I will only lst as well, because I will be changing pots quite often in order to better determine which plants I will keep.

    Not much new growth today, they were dry so I gave them PH balanced water. How long should I keep them in these cups, they're about half the size of a solo cup. I was planning on transplanting them this weekend, but they're still very young.
  12. watch the MG organic it has 5.5 ph so get some fast acting lime and mix in when you transplant i just found this out the hard way it all but killed one of my girls in flower shes hanging on now that i got the lime in there also your going to want to prob. go 12/12 round 14 days i did this and in 70 days (today i might add) i harvested her come check out the porn on my link theres lots
  13. What strain?

  14. just some bag seeds i came across in my bags on nugs over the years
  15. Well it's the start of week 3. They've been doing better since I've transplanted them. I plan on starting LST they look big enough? I will probably give them a very light dose of grow big sometime this week, and also start flowering sometime this week.

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  16. I would wait until their 3rd or 4th leaf set before you start doing any training. Their roots arn't that grounded just yet. Try looking into topping too around the same time.
  17. i agree also another tip when transplanting put the dirt up around the stem saving an inch could go along way later
  18. Alright guys I know I haven't updated in forever, but here's what went down.

    3 of the plants turned out to be female
    1 was a runt and they were competing for space so I killed it
    I killed the weaker of the remaining two as it became apparent this case can hardly hold 1!!!

    Because of this I wasn't able to lst it evenly around the container but it looks alright none the less. Today was the last day I fed her, and next tuesday I will leave her for 24h of darkness. Wednesday I will chop and hang to dry until Friday when I have to move out. Some of the younger buds won't be fully potent but definitely able to be smoked.

    The more mature buds hairs are about 50% brown, and the trichromes are about half clear/cloudy. I'm expecting about .5oz as my first successful yield ever! Believe me, I've had some terrible luck

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  19. Nice grow man!

    I've gotta tell ya, though, based on what I see in those pictures I don't think they're ready for the chop yet!

    Do you know what week of flowering you are on? I Just harvested my northern lights about a month ago and my trichs were about 20% amber 70% cloudy and 10% clear and I really wish I left them for longer. The high on mine is surprisingly heady for a mostly indica strain and doesn't have much of that indica stoney feel to it at all. I left some buds on the plant for revegging, and these started to smell and look WAAYYY more potent about a week or two after I had already chopped the rest of it. Based on the way the pistils look on your plant I would say that mine was a bit further along then yours, and I still think mine needed longer. It looks to me like you are on about week 7 of flowering if they went at the same rate as mine, and I would say you want them at about week 8 or 9 for the potency and flavor to really develop.

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