CFL PC grow box- OSSC Auto Purple

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  1. Hello my fellow cannabis lovers I just harvested my auto purple from original sensible seed company. I grow in a large PC box with CFL lighting seed to harvest with a LED light bar strapped to the inside. I am really happy with the results. This is only 1 plant that I grew in a 2.7 liter container for simple fun and pleasure
    First picture was about 2 weeks before harvest

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  2. Looks good bud what was the final dry yeild weight
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  3. Thanks, the nugs are hanging drying preparing for cure right now. But I'm hoping for 10-14 grams
  5. How long did it take for this to grow ?
  6. 58 days from popping soil
  7. It looks well worth it bro that is some nice looking bud im about to do my first grow just waiting for my tent and carbon filter to get here.Im going to buy some of those seeds do you have any recommendations?
  8. Much appreciated it was pleasure to grow.
    I would recommend herbies seed bank. Great selection and reliable quality. Some good seed companies like Green House Barneys farm Fast buds Auto seeds ect. Before the auto purple I grew a crystal dwarf from freedom of seeds that turned out nicely. But you'll have a tent so get different strains from different companies and see what suits you.
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    Nice grow man your buds look great. I grow in a Pc Case also. I'm subbed in!

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  10. What spectrum cfls do you use? Also how many equivalent watts does it add up to?

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  11. Looks good. I'm also very interested in a PC grow and have seen lots of really successful ones BUT I've noticed lots of people telling others not to bother and that is "impossible" to do. So our of curiosity what size is that case?
  12. It’s definitely possible , I did it twice before upgrading to a 16”x16”x48” tent.

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