CFL or HPS for veg

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  1. i just started my first grow like a month ago, i did vegetative grow with my 600w hps light, but i was looking around online and they said veg with CFL and then flower with HPS. what do you guys think its the best light to grow veg thanks
  2. The best would probably be a conversion bulb that puts out Metal Halide and HPS spectrums at the same time.

    Or if I was doing HID lights I would use Metal Halide for veg and a conversion bulb for flower.

    One of the benefits of the conversion bulbs I hear is that it reduces stretching during flowering.

    Anyone with more experience feel free to chime in.

    And as for CFL's, depending on your grow room size and number\size of plants, CFL's for veg work pretty good as long as your not trying to cover too much space. With my CFL grow I am finding that 5 plants under CFL's is not really practical. The amount of power for the amount of light is not as effective as HID lighting would be. Partially because HID lights penetrate foliage much better. With this many plants the light from CFL's can't penetrate to the lower foliage, so I have to put lights on the side. If you have the money to get a nice HID setup, and plan on more than 2-3 plants, get the HID.
  3. i have a 4x4 tent, with a 600w and i have 9 plants but i thought i could save some money by doing veg growth with CFL. veg growth with a 600w means $$$ bills

  4. I veg with CFL's and have no problem with light penetration. And Budslinger has veg'd with CFL's for several years w/o problems. It's less expensive, they don't create the heat that MH/HPS do, and you can put them much closer to the plant but you do have to make sure the plant is not resting on the bulb because it will burn the leaves.

    We use the clip on shop lights/CFL so we can move them as needed. Generally we have 8 plants under 80 watts of 6500k and they do just fine.

    You also have the option of floro's - T5, shop light fixture, etc...but again, you just need to make sure that the bulbs are the right spectrum.

    Good luck with your grow man :smoke:

  5. Me too!

    I have a fancy 300W florescent fixture from when I started growing indoors...:p It's nice, but, clamp on lights from Lowes or Home Depot are way easier to move and configure, and with a 2-in-1 socket, totally kick butt in growing little ones. Oh, and way more kind on the electric bill than a 400W HPS ;)
  6. yea i think next grow ill dot the floro T5 ones... thanks for the help guys
  7. You won't be disappointed with T5's, they are the shiz for veg! I have a 250w MH and some T5's, and they seem to work equally as well. However the T5's have almost no heat and are easy on the power bill. Good luck!

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