CFL Northern Light Stealth Grow

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  1. hello all. i just wanted to share my pictures and my setup of my room with you. it is extremely stealth and sounds like a computer running. i converted the computer compartment of my desk into a grow space. it has 2 120mm 75cfm computer fans on the back top for exhaust and a hole in the bottom for intake. temps stay about 2-3 degrees warmer than my house.

    the main top light is a 42watt soft white cfl. i built a cool tube out of a hurricane lamp glass for it because i am limited on space and the top is about to be touching it. i also have a 30watt cfl in a cool tube of the same sort for the side lighting because 42 watts wasnt cutting it. on to the pics.

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  2. thats awsome, could i see somepics of your grow cab setup? maybe afew pics of the cooltubes because i may make some and id like to see what works:eek:

    btw does that draw open or is it fixed there to look like a draw and thats actually where the lights are stored,

    you could makesome more space by putting wood around the bottom then taking the actual cab bottom off, because that plants gonna outgrow ur space
  3. That idea sounds perfect for what I want to do. + rep. What do you plan to do when it gets bigger?
  4. cork-yes the drawer is fixed on there. i cut the back off and rigged it up with some mrtal "l" brackets. i needed the space for the light as you said. i was thinking about removing the bottom but if anyone ever looked at it and saw wood behind the metal legs they would ask questions. i still live at home with the parents and there not cool with it really. they killed my other ones that were in my window. cool tube link

    bacardi- it has about 3.5 weeks left of flowering im just hoping it doesnt get too big but i dont have a strategy planned if it gets too big.

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