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  1. Would it be possible to grow 1 plant in a 18x6 grow box with one 20 watt CFL. Plant is already on set two of true leaves and about four inches tall.
  2. Well I put it all together and it's going will post pics of setup and of plant sprouted on 5-1-2011.
  3. you can but your not gonna get anything worth the time and energy you put into it. The minimum to grow a good plant is 100w i hear but ive seen it done with less but not 80% less haha
  4. Ayron: I agree with you, but the way they package the CFL's these days he may mean it said it puts out the same lighting as a 100 watt incandescent but only consumes 20 watts. Mine aren't quite that efficient but that's what's endeared me to the CFL's on the market today. I grow with an Aerogarden and they claim their utility cost of lighting is equivalent to feeding a 60 watt incandescent bulb. I know it's never had a noticeable effect on my electric bill. What really concerns me is the 'tiny space' he's working in. 18" by 6" would make me claustrophobic. I wonder what strain he's growing? What are your thoughts? Hank
  5. The problem with that is that Incadescent equivalents are worth shit.

    When people talk about CFL wattage they reffer to the actual consumption of the CFL, not the incandescent equivalent. Most CFLs rated as 60W incandescent are actually only 13-15W. You're gonna need at least 8 of those to get enough light.

    And, no, 20W is not enough for a single plant. Try adding three more of those bulbs and then you'll probabbly get something.
  6. Maybe add a few more cfls or shell out some cash and buy a nice auto flowering strain..snowryder and BCN diesel are 2 of my fav's and am personally growing right now.
  7. Or you could look at the Aerogarden where you get it all in a very compact size. Hank
  8. Well, are you limited to only one CFL in your space? If so just find a nice higher wattage CFL, I've seen like 135W and that would definitely grow a plant MUCH better.

    If you aren't limited to only one bulb then just go to the hardware store and pick up a few more bulbs. 20W isn't worth it.
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    Hey guys: This sounds like a fun engineering project. Aren't we talking about him trying to literally grow in a shoe box? (18" X 6"). I'm assuming the 6" must be the equal length and width at the base of his space with the 18" being the height he's limited to, right? That sounds like a hell of a challenger to me but one that would be fun to engage in.

    I've thought a lot about it and there's got to be a simple answer. The other day, I saw a round, hoop like, florescent lamp made by Lights of America, (in China), at The Home Depot. I hadn't seen one in years. I had one twenty years ago in my patio when they first came out. It was about ten inches in diameter so that probably wouldn't work but I thought of him putting his baby in the middle. Only those were so damned dim you needed a match to find them in the dark.

    If his space is enclosed, and hopefully lined lined with something reflective like Mylar or even as inexpensive as the shiny side of aluminum foil wouldn't just about any of the bright CFL's work?

    I'd like to know which side is open: one of the four 6" by 18" sides or hopefully the 6" by 6" top. I would think just about any bright CFL would work for that. A friend went on vacation and brought his baby over for me to take care of. It was in dirt in a Styrofoam cup so I couldn't put it in my Aerogarden. I stuck it under a clamp on hood I had with the brightest CFL The Home Depot had in stock and it continued to grow and veg out nicely.

    If his space is open at the top I would think problem solved because the bright light at the top would encourage vertical growth. If it's one of the long sides that's open then you'd want to turn the plant every few hours to keep it from leaning like a drunk toward the light. Doesn't that make sense?

    What's he going to do when it starts to stink? If he's restricted to that small of a space to grow in isn't it going to be hard to disguise? I'm guessing he's going to use a lot of room deodorizers. Hank
  10. i did it with an 85 actual watts 2700k CFL in a box about 8" inchs across and 24" high.

    i only got like 15grams but it was just for a laugh and the plants never got very big so i didnt stink much but that was with northern lights on 12/12 from seed and i crammed 2x 6inch pots in there to do 2 plants..

    with just the one plant and abit of training in veg mode i could probably have had a much better yield
  11. Arknor1050: I'm guessing we do this for as Bill Mahr on HBO says: "For shits and giggles," or for stealth in some place like a dorm room.

    Before I was introduced to the Aerogarden the smallest space l ever grew in was a 3' tall by 4' wide by 2' deep. It was an area I set aside in my garage with a 4' shop light overhead and it was still a challenge. I can only imagine the fun this guy is going to have in a 6" by 18" space. I wish him luck.

    If it's stealth you're looking for, the Aerogarden isn't really that stealthy with all the lights on, but have you guys ever considered a grow cabinet? Some I'm looking at are pretty interesting. That seems like possible solution. Hank
  12. Well good news I just got most of the stuff i need to make a rubbermaid setup...was going to put the plant in there but if we want to experiment i could leave it in there and see what happens....anyway yes the height is 18 inches and width is about 6 in. (it increases slightly higher up lol it's in an old icecream maker thing. Like i said if you guys want me to experiement with it I'll keep it in there otherwise its making a movin on up to the rubbermaid box.

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