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  1. I have a 3 cubic foot grow box that im trying to use to do a small SCrOG grow with.

    I currently plan to use and have a 55watt soft white bulb, 2x24watt daylight bulbs, and will soon get 1 more 24 watt daylight and soft white bulb for supplement.

    There is room for all these bulbs, however, im not really sure the best way to get them in the box so that i can move them.

    Originally i was just going to use a power strip and some y splitters and have them all coming off over the top of my plant since its a Scrog but that seems inefficient especially early on before flowering.

    What then do you suggest i do to get these lights in the best position? I could also try and hang a powerstrip from the top of my box with some chain and do the same y split idea but the 55watt is pretty big and height is a problem
  2. pics would help
  3. use those sockets that plug in to an outlet, and use a power bar

  4. didn't read ur whole post. for your big light, I made an easy light reflector from dryer vents, can buy sheets of it at a home depot for a few bucks, stick a socket in it and wire it to a normal plug, connected by wire to hooks at the top of my box so you can adjust height easy
  5. I ended up figuring out 2 different options

    a friend of mine has some old supplies from one of his CFL grows and the box is so small that i can literally stick 2 powerstrips on each side and use the sockets that plug into a power outlet no problem and just use books to raise the plant up to the lights then slowly lower them until they reach the screen. ( i can also use nails at varying heights to lower the lights)

    or my other option is to use one power strip with my big light coming straight out of it, then use sockets with cords you can buy and just use some hooks to hang 2 sets of Y adapters over my plants that way i can get the veg lights closer. Once it flowers the box is so small that i wont need to move my lights much, especially using Scrog
  6. this is what i did, the 4 42w cfls up top on 3 y splitters and two 24 on the bottom, with ugly said homemade light reflector, can't see the hooks that lower it cause it's all the way up. works ok wish i could get the 4 lights up top more horizontal tho

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