CFL LST closet grow: First plant for a first timer;

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  1. Hey There everyone,

    I've been lurking here a while and reading through the forums for help with my first plant. Well I finally got around to taking pictures and thought I would start a journal on here.

    My current project is a strain called "Purple High"; I haven't seen many reviews of it online except that it finishes fast and is easy to grow (sounds like a good first-timer plant to me). Today is the start of week 5 of veg and I'll probably switch to 12/12 next sunday. I need a paycheck before I can buy the required 2700k CFL's.

    She's growing under 6 x 23w 6500k CFL and 1x 23w 2700K CFL. Growing in a mix of FFOF/Happy Tree/Perlite. I just started using FF nutes on here last week. She's had one feeding so far and is looking mostly good after it. There may be some minor signs of nute burn but very light. I may dillute the nutes a little more before the next feeding.

    The first pics are from last night. i had started an LST halfway around the pot but then stopped as the pot filled up with foliage.

    I got a few recommendations to tie down that one tall stem so I did last night before lights-out. I awoke this morning to see that the stem had already righted itself towards the lighting and had grown half an inch. Things are really coming along now. This is what she looked like this morning.

    What do you guys think? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Advice is also welcome :hello:
    Thanks everyone!

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  2. I got the first set of 2700k lights today. 4x23W CFL's. Gonna go to wall mart later and get 2x 42w 2700k CFL. I'll also have 1x 23W 6500k CFL in there too to add some blue spectrum too.

    Time to get things going so I can take some bud porn for you all.
  3. Nice baby, looks bushy and deep green. Very similar light setup to my own. Post pics as they come along :smoking:
  4. Thanks for the post!

    I went ahead and made the switch to 12/12 tonight. I got all the lights today! :hello:
    I'm really excited! I especially like the red glow of the 2700k instead of the stark blue white of the 6500k.

    Will post more pics in a few days when developments...develop.
  5. Now that I have made the switch and my baby will be getting her first long nap tonight. Is there anything nice I can do for her before she goes to sleep like spray some water on her or something?

    Should I just leave her be? Definitely about to vape a bowl in celebration right now! :smoking:
  6. Morning Journal Bump :)
  7. she "hopefully" looks great! nice work really, on the lst and even just the well being of the plant i see 8 bud sites on her just from you latest pic. You should be proud.
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    Why thank you sir. I am quite proud, and I hope I will only become more proud. I see a few female preflowers (i think they are at least) and now that the 12/12 switch has occured, we should be seeing some more very soon.

    Also, I think I counted around 12-13 bud sites on the plant now. Will update when I see more. I cant wait to take some more pictures once the flowering cycle really kicks in.
  9. Was able to get a few pictures of the "hopefully" female preflowers. I'm 95% that they are, but Im going to through it out to the citizens of grasscity to be the judge. Thanks fu'zellas!


    What are your thoughts?

    Also...the "L" shaped leave was from when I tied that main branch down. The stem righted itself much faster than I had anticipated and grew into the light. Now the leaves are kind of burnt. Not too bad though. Should I try topping the plant to get rid of the burned leaves or will they be ok by themselves?

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  10. Lookin nice, definitely a fem!
  11. :hello:

    That's all I have wanted to hear all day! Time for another celebratory bowl!
  12. The girl looked thirsty so I gave her a feeding/watering. The LST is going well and two new bud sights growing near the main stem have really taken off since tying down the main stem. Everything is looking really good.

    I'll update with some more pictures once the water kicks in and she is full of robustness. Anyone have any thoughts or anything?

  13. Hey guys, just thought I would add a few pictures to the journal. I watered her a few days ago and she seems like she is getting the water and nutes in the past day. All of her growing tips have grown almost an inch in the past two days. I'm not sure if this is from the light change and 12/12 lighting or just from the nutes and watering. Either way, I'm happy :D


    Some of the lower leaves that are underneath the "canopy" of the plant are turning yellow. Is this normal from a lack of light penetrating through the plants? All the other leaves are looking fine (besides the burnt ones) but there are ones in the "center" of the plant that are turning yellow. Is this something I should be worrying about or trying to correct? Everything else looks happy, so I'm inclined to leave things be until I NEED to intervene.

    Thanks guys. Any input is welcome. It's mighty quiet in this here journal.

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  14. I'll assume no news is good news and everyone thinks this is going pretty much alright?
  15. lookin good
  16. Gave her about half a gallon of distilled water today because she looked thirsty. Its been 5 days since her last feeding.

    Its been really cold here so the closet has been getting down to around 50-53 at night. I'm keeping both doors closed now so I think the temp is around 68 now. So I am thinking that around normal. Are these temps gonna be ok?

    I switched the lights to 12/12 a week ago and have yet to see any changes really. It seems like growth has slowed if anything (it could be that the plant is bigger so small growth looks less significant, if that makes sense). How long usually does it take for the plant to start showing signs of flowering?
  17. I was looking at the plant tonight before she went to bed and noticed some definite growth. It seems the growth has started a more vertical trend lately. There are two colas that have grown maybe half an inch today. So there has been growth. I just didn't know where to look.

    I'll update with some pictures tomorrow, as she has just gone to sleep for the night.
  18. Hey everyone, As I said yesterday, I'm here to update the journal with some nice new pics! Today is day 8 of flowering.

    First things first, this is what my setup looks like (just in case anyone was wondering). Usually there is a big piece of cardboard covered in mylar on one side. It needed to be moved to take pictures.


    Here's the plant in its home. Above it is 6 2700k bulbs, and the one on the end is 6500k. The 6500k one if movable so I have a little bit of customization afforded to myself. Here is what it looks like.


    Here she is playing the drums...


    The flowering phase seems to be slowly switching on. A few of her stems have really grown in the past few days. Here is a view of her new stretched out limbs (good kind of stretch though :smoke:)


    Finally here is a look at her in general. Here leaves look a little droopy. I think I may have watered a little too soon. I watered her yesterday because it was freezing in the grow room and I thought maybe some warm water would help. It was only one day early and the soil was nearly almost dry. If I had waited until tomorrow I think it would have been perfect. Oh well. Still learning!


    Well that's all for now. It looks like the growing tips/leaves are starting to turn a shade of purple. I'm excited for when this plant looks like a giant grape! See you all next time!

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  19. definitely seeing signs of the flowering stretch going on now. All bud site stems have grown 2 or 3 inches in the past few days. I'll take some pictures tomorrow so everyone can see.

    I heard that the plant only grows during the "lights-off" period during flower. Is this true?
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    Gave the girl a feeding today. 1/2 strength FF big/tiger bloom. She has been looking really droopy lately so I think a feeding will do her good. I warmed the water up before watering because it was 45 degrees in the closet this morning. It was just luke warm, but at least it will help to warm her up a bit. Plus I've heard that it is good to warm up water w/ nutes added anyway. Soon after the feeding the lower leaves were starting to perk up, so I'm taking that as a good sign.:)

    Took some pictures afterwords. The bud tips are really growing fast. Maybe an 2-3 inches since sunday. Crazy growth. Also...Pistils everywhere! :eek: I tried to get a few good pics of them from some of the tips. Here they are. Hopefully will have some nice immature bud shots in the upcoming weeks.



    You might have to click it and zoom in to see the pistils. Anyone know what's up with the twisted leaves? I'm kinda assuming it's from the cold. Any thought? Anyone at all? Helloooo...?

    Edit: I think the third pic is the best to see pistils in.

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