CFL lights where from??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Blaze_420, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. does anyone know a uk website were i can get CFL's really cheap having trouble finding some lol :(
  2. What do you consider cheap in uk money?
  3. well i hear people in the US getting them for about $3 so i was really just wondering if there's like UK site that sells them for like the equiflent of that which is about like £2
  4. i paid 13.99 for each of my cfls from canadian tire
  5. Don't they sell CFLs there in a general merchandise store, hardware store, even grocery store? They are designed to be replacements for ordinary household lightbulbs so are found everywhere here in the US.
  6. fanx everyone for great response :D
  7. Yeah exactly they should sell them at hardware stores or anywhere that has light bulbs... i even found some at th edoller store for 1$ their 5w each ... cfls are crappy(good to start with) though HPS is the way to do it, but good luck starting!
  8. ye am gunna get a 250w HPS but i was thinking about getting some CFL's for a small grow in one of my smaller cupboards :D fanx
  9. CFLs are nice. Small ones are cheap for 5W or so you only pay a few euros here.
    But I saw the nicer ones > 25W+ may cost me 20 euros each or so!

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