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cfl lights how many per plant: watt & lumens & distance

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by walter minosa, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. How many watt's and lumens per plant do i need for vegetate and how far away from the plant?

    How many watt's and lumens per plant do i need for flowering and how far away from the plant?
  2. Always keep CFLs 1-4 inches away from your plants. Veg you want to avg 80-120 watts per plant. Flowering you want to avg 110-150 watts per plant. More is always better for bigger yields and faster grows.
  3. 100 watts per plant and 50 watts for each additional plant....As hg420 said more is always better....;)...A good idea as the plant grows is to add more cfl's around the lower(center) part of plant as cfl's need to be closer (4-6") for larger buds and a good yield as compared to hid...
    For vegging use 6400K and for flowering use 2700K cfl's.
  4. thx. i got 4x 100watt - 1600 lumens that's 6400. is that good?
  5. 100 actual Watts or equivalent?
  6. 4x cfl that each one is 100watt and have 1600 lumens
  7. Are they actual Watts or equivalent Watts?
  8. sorry i dont understand. on the package says 100 watt and 1600 lumens. I think actual watts
  9. Where did you buy it from?
  10. A 100watt CFL would put out more lumens than that. It's probably like 18-26watt.
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    Was thinking the same.
  12. ok ill will take a picture of the package and ill post it tomorow
  13. or just save the money and buy a 150w hps light for 75bux and get better result then a million cfls..there cheap until you start getting into 100+ real watt bulbs
  14. Only $75? Where? I've been looking into getting a HPS for flowering but thought they were like $200+
  15. they don't sell them to everyone.
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    So only certain people get HPS lights? Is there a raffle or something? Names in a hat?
  17. i will buy them from ebay. ok can i put 2x 6500k on 1 plant? and 2x 2700k on the sides??
    or will it be to mutch?
  18. I use a 3 to 1 ratio of daylight to softwhite for veg and opposite for flowering
  19. is Fluorescent cfl good?
  20. I like them and its all I use

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