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  1. Ok, I don't want to invest in HPS or MH for a first indoor grow and I was wondering a couple of things. How many CFL's should I use on one plant? I believe that i should start with two 105watt CFLs at 6500K for the tops and then some smaller wattage on the sides of the plant. That is during the veg state, then replace the 6500K watt bulbs with some 2700K bulbs for flowering.Am I somewhere in the ballpark? I've also heard that CFLs lack the penetrating power of MH and HPS bulbs so it becomes difficult to grow the plants over 20in tall. Is this true?
  2. Take it from me. I started with cfl's had 2 65 watt cfls, and 8 42 watt cfls.

    The problems I ran into is that although the plants grew, they grew very slowly.

    Second I had to keep them close, very close so that the plants could get enough light.

    Don't let no one tell you they don't give off heat because they do. Especially the larger cfls.

    Plus I had to constantly adjust the lights.

    After so much frustration I switched to a 400 Watt MH & HPs with a cool tube.

    I have never seen plants grow so fast in my life.

    For whatever reasons you want to start with cfl's (Mine was money) I would suggest not to use them

    Now I am not saying not to use them, or they don't work. Just that it is much harder.

    Save yourself a lot of heartaches and just stick with HID
  3. I don't know, I've seen a plant go from germ to harvest in roughly 70 days using around 8 42 watt CFLs. Could it be possible that you were using the wrong spectrum bulbs? Also how much heat will they give off, say in an enclosed area around 3ft x 2ft?
  4. My spectrum was not wrong.

    And they gave off enough heat to get the temps above 90 even with great ventialtion and two oscillating fans
  5. Well I plan on running two possibly three fans, one intake one exhaust, and possibly one inside to strengthen stems inside of a Rubbermaid container. Also i might run 85 watt bulbs since having 4 of those and 4-6 of the other ones will add up in price quickly. Do you think that the plants will still overheat?
  6. I dunno im running 8 cfls in a pretty small box with a kinda ghetto venting/intake system and the temp is around 75 at all times. So the heat they give off is not that bad.

    for me.

    Check my sig for details.
  7. Inside a rubbermaid Container with 4 85 watts and 4-6 of the others I can guarantee you will have problems with heat.

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