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  1. 1. Do CFL Lumens stack?
    Like if I have two 2700 Lumen bulbs do I now have 5400 Lumens of lighting?

    2. When Vegging do I need the warmer 2700k spectrum bulbs as well as the higher 6k?

    3. When flowering should I go all 2700k? Or half and half, or what ratio have you?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. technically yes i think, however for that to be true, the bulbs would have to be right next to each other. hopefully that answers your question. shouldn't really go by lumens in my opinion anyway.

    2. you don't need 2700k to veg, however it has been said to help to mix them a bit.

    3. you don't need 6500k for flowering either, but again it has been said to help if you mix them.

    if you do mix them, you want to try and favor the 6500k during veg, and 2700k during flowering. the idea is you're trying to emulate the sun. the sun has all spectrums of light, but is more blue in spring and more red in fall because of the way it's filtered through the atmosphere
  3. I guess during my veg I'll do two 6500k and one 2700k. And during my flower Ill do two 2700k and one 6500k.

    If it's not lumens that matters what does? And how do I find a CFL bulb with the right measurement (foot candles or w/e)?

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