CFL Lighting Question

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  1. Im currently in the beginning stages of my next grow.(Seedling) I Currently Veg and Flower with Two 1000w Leds. 185 True Watts each. Im looking to Build a Light Fixture that will Hold 6-10 CFLs, each pushing between 25-45 watts each. This will supplement extra Light, will the CFLs effect my powe bill much? Or cause a large jump? Thanks Guys

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  2. Imo ud be better off just getting a new light,,whats if for? Sides? Bottoms? Or just more light?

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  3. The cfl’s wouldn’t really help you. In order to be useful they need to be within inches of the canopy and would likely just end up blocking light from the LED’s.

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  4. However, if you still want to go with multiple CFLs you can get bulb splitters like this for fairly cheap.
  5. i only veg with cfls works fantastic young seedlings and veg plants love the spectrum the electric use is very low
  6. I veg with household led bulbs 15.5w each with 8 of them I keep the stretch down and the plants seem to get what they need from it . Got them on sale 7$ for a 4 pack so less than 15$ in lights gets me through veg

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  7. I grow with T5s.
    At germination time, I keep my lights six inches above. When the real leaves develop I drop down to an inch or two.
    As the plants grow (daily) I have to keep raising the lights... inch by inch.
    Is your setup that flexible?
    I use an eight bay four foot fixture.
    I hope that gives you some insight as to what you NEED for fluorescent lighting.

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