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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by chill15, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Sup GC peeps

    Currently running a 125w red spectrum light in my pc - no heat issues so far so thinking about sticking a 250w cfl into the case

    1) My light tilts slights already - the 250w light will be heavier and will tilt more - how do i fix this?

    2) I have some plexiglass that i as planning to use as a heat shield, i have heard this should not effect the light at all! - any tips or ideas on how to put this up below light? I presume they should not be touching and also i am told that i should not use the plexi to hold up the light there should be some gap between light and sheet of plexi

    Check diary for current pics
  2. Pass !!!!! No idea :(
  3. Installing a what? I dont understand - i already have an E40 socket that i plug my 125w red cfl into, so i wont need to do any re-wiring the 250w cfl is also and E40 socket so will fit into the same slot

    WHat i need to know - is how to stop this new light and even my existing one from tilting - can i hold it up with garden wire, or flexible alluminium wire, or tape? I need it to be straight as i am planning on putting plexi glass underneath the light so i dont want the two to touch

  4. Sorry i have just realised what you mean - apologies but its not the base that is causing the tilt, just the wieght of the lamp is making the E40 socket tilt by the slightest angle which is causing the end of the light to tilt further
  5. Looking at your current grow I personally think the 125 watt cfl is more then sufficient . Your plants look great .However if you like to upgrade you could get a proper grow light plug which is much stronger then the conventional light plugs , a few mods to it would work well in the pc case. As for the screen maybe a few screws drilled into the side of the case with rubber washer to keep it light proof , with rubber plugs over the screw on the inside of the case for the perspect to sit on without damage ?? Just an idea , then you could experiment with the 250 wtt cfl , but I think that's a massive light size wise . Peace out

  6. I think a piece of metal wire would hold it up fine, just make sure it isnt near anything that it can burn. I wouldnt do tape bc it can melt and stink up the area. I also wouldnt go much higher. The temps with the 250w cfl might get hot, and its only a pc case. 125w looks to be working good, no sense changing whats working

  7. Like they said if you dont need to upgrade... but if you want to or just want more light in your rig yes a metal wire would work, definetly not tape as stated in quote. I would suggest supporting the built in ballast instead of the actual bulb, as to lessen stress on the bulb and therefor lessen the chance of it actual breaking, small as it may be.:rolleyes:
  8. WHOA GUYS!!!!
    METAL wire and a light bulb that is free flowing ELECTRICITY through a conductive gas....... that seems like a bad idea..... cuz i know for a fact you can hold a non powered fluro tube in one hand and if your other hand is near or on a high source of static electricity the bulb will light up, therefore the power can transfer through the glass as static... creating a potential to build up in the case until it causes some other problem, like with anything 12v hooked up,

    not trying to be condescending to anyone, just thinking about safety, electricity is one thing i do not fuck around with,

    my suggestion---> get a piece of high-temp insulated wire, (example: a spark plug wire from a car) the insulation will withstand any heat the cfl will put out, but personally i wouldnt use metal...

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