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  1. Right now I have 4 23 watt cfl over bagseed just to get my feet wet and see if this is for me. tent is 3*3.i was wondering as a rule of thumb if I wanted to grow about 4 1.5 foot plants.what would be a rule of thumb as far as watts per plant.In the future I can upgrade
  2. you're going to need much more light. For a space of that size with the plant sizes you are hoping to grow you should get at least a 400watt HPS
  3. I'm not looking to open a dispensary it's for personal so I'm not to worried about yield in a sense but a 400 hps would put to much heat and I can't lift it high enough from the plant since I don't have the room right now would be a total fail
  4. And I also mean about a 1.5 foot plant full grown
  5. Can I do about 150ish watts for 2
  6. M

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  7. Would something like this be worth buying for supplemental lighting

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  8. Can any 1 help do I need to put red spec in ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412904030.835262.jpg

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