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  1. Well i wonderin if i could get a large yields if i use a 200w compact cfl.
  2. Sorry, not with 200w CFL.
  3. what would large be to you? an oz??
  4. I would be happy with an ounce, i believe you can get that with 200
  5. you can yield around five ounces off 2-3 plants utilizing lst techniques. Also I am assuming you are using a 3k bulb in a horizontal reflector (which allows for more light penetration). If you are intent on flourescents I'll recommend a 4 tube T-5. it's around 200 watts (192 i think) and you can yield around ten ounces off six plants if done right (I'm assuming all other variables, which there are many of, are constant)
  6. Theres ppl on these forums who can get an ounce using cfls easy. I plant on using over 300watts cfl for flowering, and im only growin two plants.
  7. yea im just growin for myself
  8. it would still be more efficient to get the better equipment... then you can yield higher, stash up, and wait several months before growing again... don't underestimate how much time and effort you'll put into it... but then again if your time isn't worth anything (mine isn't) then growing year round is the best option... good luck
  9. You can get some nugs with 200 watts
  10. ^When your growing in a small closet an hps system would not even be possible without having heat problems.

  11. not really... well my friend just got a 150 watt hps.... plus using cfl's to supplement. he already has seen good results in just 1 day. So maybe that would be sufficient? idk, his name is Greenbudguy. search him out if you want to see the results of his light and see if you want to get one of those. his thread has the link to the light as well
  12. Are you using a single 200w CFL or a few CFL's putting out 200w total?

  13. And any heat problem you do have can be rectified with the proper ventilation and cooling. My closet is a 4w x 2d x 8h with a 400w and temps are staying at an average of about 77 degrees at the canopy after getting my ventilation system straight. Sure it takes more effort but it isnt impossible.
  14. CFLs work fine, the heat problem is less, you can get good yields. I grew about a half pound in a 30x40 inch closet this spring. Keep the bulbs within a few inches and use enough light. People who say CFLs suck don't know how to use them.

  15. 200w CFL
  16. A few nugs?, in kamels cfl guide, he says that with practice you can have a pretty successful set-up. I am not trying to criticise anyone, but I am thinking that if you use your light smartly (many small lights, good reflectors etc) you can get a decent yield of 1-2 ounces per plant.

    If you had two plants and clones going you would always have enough weed for your needs, as you would harvest in just under two months and I am sure 2+ ounces could easily last most people 2 months.

    I am actually posting this for clarity, as I want to know, I welcome being corrected.
  17. I only grow under cfl... I had to chop my first girl early due to heat stress that I couldn't get fixed in time... still grew a 1/4. just went hermie. I love cfl lighting. when i said you can get SOME NUGS I was saying that he should do it. I am all about the cfl's. idk if you were referring to my post, just seemed that way and I wanted to clarify that I think this blade will be perfectly fine with 200 watts. (maybe get some smaller watt bulbs for the side growth)
  18. thank man and what was your highest yield from 3 plants dried
  19. i am a new grower, on my 2nd grow now.... I can tell you that a blade that I know harvested 3 oz of cut and dry buds with cfl light and the weight is from 1 plant. in two to three months i will be able to update this with my harvest.... but until then, i don't have an answer from my own experience.
  20. ^^^Yeah man, I was hoping for your response as it seemed hardly worth it, but your latest post is great news. My gf has spent weeks building and designing a set-up based on cfl's and your first post was a bit of a shock.

    Glad to hear that a good plan can get some good rewards. Peace

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