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  1. I have a few grows under my belt the current one being the best by far. I am looking for a better way to set up my CFL's

    I originally had a few hanging bulbs, seems to work well and get the most from the light, but then the plant gets burnt. 150 Watt CFL Raplcement 42watt CFL)

    I took the same bulbs and built a wire mesh shroud around the bulb, but now it takes up too much space, but doesn't burn the plant

    I made out of 2X4 a rack that sits above the plants with sockets and bulbs, works well, but some of the light is being wasted, as only the bottom half is light, while the other side is away from the plants.

    This grow, I have the fixture with a few extra CFL's hanging. So far so good, but after this grow, I would like to come up with a better way of placing the CFL's.

    My main goals are:

    1. Distribute the light evenly
    2. Make the most of the light being produced and not waste any.
    3. Not to burn the ladies.

    My cabinet is about 3X4 6 feet high

    What I was thinking is placing several outlet strips up and down the walls and then plug in CFL's here there and everywhere. I could then always put some wire mesh over them to keep from burning.
  2. Move to mh/hps.....your wasting time and money trying to produce with cfl's that can easily be achieved with a better light source
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    I had the same type of issues with CFL. I went to tubes. T8 fixtures and tubes are common and very inexpensive Power friendly to run.

    I haven't gone to Mh because I only veg the plant to 12 to 16 inches. Tubes work fine for this in the time frame I want them to grow. I use 1/3 the power to do it with Tubes.

    Mylar on your walls help to capture the wasted light to some degree, defiantly do that if your room is small enough.

    You can see my floro tube setup in my grow journal thread. I only grow 6 to 12 plants at a time so this works great.
  4. I an sticking with CFL/Tubes simply for the cost and heat factor.

    Maybe I'll put some T8 tubes on the walls after this grow and then just keep the CFL's over top.

    I am just looking to optimize what I have.

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