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  1. Hello grasscity, As of yesterday I decided the light I am going to be selecting for growing, But let me just go through my setup.
    I am going to be growing 2 Autoflower plants at a time, The strain will be AK-49 Auto, And they are all 100% feminized so hermi's or males will not be a problem.
    I am growing in a cupboard space that my mom used to be able to fit 3 massive plants in when she grew so I know 2 Auto flowers won't be a problem for any space especially because the seed manufacture says they grow "Small - Average" so I will go by their word!
    The light I want to use is a 300w dual spectrum CFL (2400k/6500k) And I will link the sales page Here
    Also I have kitted out the cupboard/closet with reflective mylar.
    So I was wondering... Would this one light work for 2 plants?
    Thanks and stay lit  :smoke:

  2. I'm not sure but you can't have two much light when using cfls
  3. might need to add a 2nd one, once they begin flowering just to ensure proper coverage
  4. Just so you know- feminized seeds can hermi
  5. Any seed period can hermie given enough stress. I know what you're trying to say tho ;)
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    They're equally likely to hermi, as mentioned in the post you just linked.  I was just trying to let you know since in the first post it looked like you were saying there was no chance of hermi. Just trying to help.
  8. I would but my budget is tight, £40 per light is a fair bit and I have to buy nutes and nice organic soil and more mold remover because I am trying to remove all the mold from my general area in which the plants will be around and also I need seeds and they are about £20 for 3 and I don't plan to sell any of my grow, Just my own personal stash for when I get epileptic fits :/
  9. Sorry for being an ass, Im a bit frustrated trying to figure it all out, I would ask my mum but she has no clue about cfl's because she used sodium lights :(
  10. No need to get frustrated, your in the right place. Just search the forums, ask questions that you cannot find an answer to and read all the stickies that apply to you. Everyone has to learn somewhere...people lose sight that even Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal and others all were first time growers at some point...
  11. If I got a 300w dual and a 125w dual, Would that work for 2 plants + mylar on walls around grow?

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