cfl light placement question

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  1. What would be the best combo of lights for one plant using the 23 watt bulbs to grow one plant be?

    I've heard use four daylight bulbs until flowering and then switch to soft white until harvest. What would the best be?

    For placement do I just put all of the bulbs above the plsnt or whould I spread them out to cover more of the plant
  2. There are some good stickies in the lighting forum part. Suggested reading.

    For CFLs you want them as close as possible after about 4 inches grow spectrum drops to zero.

    Daylight bulbs...are 6500k spectrum there most suited for veg stage of your plant. 2700k bulbs are marketed as Soft White...kinda look yellow when you turn them on. There most suited for flowering stage. A blend of both is good as well.

    There cheap so buy plenty.
  3. Depends on how many plants I would say for placement.

    When I do 2 plants for instance...
    I put one light above each plant, a string of 3 lights in the middle and then 1 light to the far side of each plant. With the extra bulbs I just add them where the best bud sites are.

    For one plant, I would stick 2 above (not directly above but slightly to either side of the main stem) and then the rest circling the plant about a foot down.

    Alot of people have luck with placing all above as well.

    To make a bar of lowerable lights, i use 3 light sockets that plug into a wall outlet and plug those spaced 1 apart on a power strip, then get the Y sockets to turn 1 socket into 2 outlets and put 6 lights in those and screw it to a piece of wood that I have chain coming off of (to adjust)

    Again I am sure people will argue using the best spectrum for the plant cycle but I use 6 soft white and 4 daylight for the entire process. Works well for me.

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