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  1. I have this light View attachment 1251631

    It is huge, about the size if a liter of will be my main light for flowering, I have two plants going at a time, autoflowers...

    My main question is do you get the most out of these lights if the light is vertical with the end hitting one plant or if you put it hortizonal and hit it with the more exposed side of the light

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  2. Side. If you maximize surface area of light emission, you get the optimal amount of saturation. . . Especially when there is a nice reflective hood right above the light, reflecting the same amount of surface area/light emission. That bulb is tits. My roommate's dad uses four of them in his flower box. He says "as long as the temperature stays within range, you can never have too much light." Good luck brudda

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  3. hi there..those lamps are 65w cfls...IMO, u should at least get 2 of those for 2 plants for decent growth and buds when flowering....
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    guy above me said 2 but i would say 3 of them honestly and if you can, get 4 or 5 instead. but yes horizontal would be best
  5. thanks all for the replies I have a lot more CFL lights I just was going to use that possibly as a centerpiece between my two plants so almost all parts of the lights are being used towards the plant

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