CFL is dead

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  1. I would like to hear from some happy cfl users...I myself can get around 3 ounces from a 3 foot plant with less than 450 watts of cfl IMG_20170819_084112.jpg
  2. However I will be moving to 450watt viparspectra led..12band
  3. Cfl are... well... obsolete in this market. Only good for seedlings flowering with them isn't sufficient enough for me. I like getting big yields

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  4. Yeah I agree..I am a minimalist.,aka cheap ass, lol and I believe most cfl users are
    ...I see some people here talking about 5 o a plant with I know this is a crappy number and shouldn't be considered average by any means. However I think a little over 6 oz is incredible for3 plants and cfl
  5. I guess. I'm pulling 10+ oz per plant since switching to qb and cobs

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