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    What would you do:
    1.) around 200 watts of CFL and a 600 watt HPS for WHOLE grow
    2.) 200 watts CFL for VEG and 600 watt HPS for FRUIT
    or maybe even...
    3.) maybe less CFL's? more HPS? only HPS? and ideas? just trying to convert slowly out of the CFL section... is 600 watts of HPS enough for 1 plant? (whole grow?) thanks blades. 

  2. 600 watts should be plenty i would use it for the whole grow
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    The HPS will help the plant in all stages so you definitely want to use it during veg and fruiting. It will eclipse the CFL bulbs completely but more light doesn't hurt until it starts to raise the temperature too high. If it were me I would just stick with the HPS.
    Using the HPS in veg means more branches (is there a better term?). More Branches means more bud-sites, the spots that the actual fruit will appear. Don't neglect your babies during veg, my friend. Give them all of your love and they will love you back ten-fold.
  4. hps is the way to go imo.
  5. 600w is alot for one plant but yeah use it the whole grow keep cfl on hand if a bulb goes or something :)

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