Cfl & hps in my closet

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  1. I'm growing a few plants on a small budget in a small closet from some bag seed of the best weed I could find.
    I was gonna go with all cfl's because I could afford them and I had a problem with my last closet growroom always being hella hot from the huge MH lamp.
    But everything I was reading was leading me to belive that I couldnt grow thick, resin covered buds without some HID's. Hell, I thought as long as I had a good spectrum of intense enough light, I would would be good.
    I spent the last of my $ on a 50w HPS to find the standard for a closet is like 400w. But that is when youre using just the HPS right?
    I have the 50w HPS, and 4 CFL's 2 are 5500k and the other 2 are 6500k, all 4 are 25w(100w replacements). Now I have seven plants, but will have less when I take the males out. The closet is painted white, but I might put up some tin foil. What should my buds turn out like with just the lights I have now, as long as I keep the bulbs surrounding the plant as close as possible and and all that good stuff. I mean shit, I just really dont have any more $ for some better shit.
    Heres a pic, u cant see a cfl a had moved

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  2. The question is : What can I expect from these lights? Anyone ever grow some good buds with some puny CFL's and a 50w HPS?
  3. its a good mix of lights and you can expect it to be good enough to produce bud and thats all you can expect really,the low wattage will work against a big yield but if you give it ph adjusted feed and water, some good air flow and i would suggest topping or fimming (check out sog and scrog grow styles)your females to keep them small and bushy then you will get some nice bud that wont be too fluffy thanks too your new 50w hps.Dont get hung up on yield ,quality is king.
  4. Cool, thanks. I agree strongly on quality vs quantity, fuck a big ass crop of brown weed.
    As for topping, I get the idea, but I'm not sure about the WHEN and WHERE or TO WHAT EXTENT. What would you suggest? Thanks again
  5. i have gotten a decent yield out of just seven 150w (55 actuall wattage each) cfl's and i have 6 plants if i can remember correctly. so u should be fine. they look like they are doing good so far :)

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