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  1. I HAVE....

    2X27 WATT

    1X14 WATT


  2. Im still learning how this goes also but so far, from what I have been told, you need 100 actual watts of CFL per plant. I could be wrong...but its pertty much what I have gotten so far.

    Then ofcourse there is the fact that you'll want different spectrums for the different growing stages. There is a lot of info in the the threads here on this subject that you can research. Hope this helps.
  3. Bare minimum of 100 actual watts per plant is a good rule of thumb for CFL, more is better. In addition, you shouldn't even try to use CFL bulbs of less than about 20 actual watts, their intensity is just too low to get any good usable light to more than a very small part of the plant.
  4. Well you'll be gambling on it only 1 from seed to harvest. Cfl lights are pretty small and cost/space efficient, get some more...
  5. So if you get more and grow say two, you better your chance of getting one female and maybe two
  6. wow buddy just try and see
  7. if you can try going to walmart, or menards and getting a 42W light.. because what we are trying to say is sure you'll get a havest off the lighting you have now, but they will be small airy buds and youll be pissed. my rule of thumb is to start growing and upgrade as you go./ because by the time you start flowering you'll want at least 100+ watts
  8. Yeah the build up as you go really works
  9. just go to walmart now they have 55 actual watt/2700k bulbs for $12.00. get 4 of those for one plant or 3 and that will be way better.
  10. Nice just like tha
  11. Im not tryna go over 100 watts for 1 plant using cfls bcus then i would just go with hps system but thts not the case so 4x55 watt bulbs is to much for cfls in tht case i would just get hps like i said or a t5 setup but i want something small this is my first time
  12. its a 100w per plant but more is always better!
  13. well your gonna really regret not getting more light on it, i mean when harvest day comes you dont wanna end up with an eighth.. just get at least 1 more light on it and youll be fine.

  14. Well ima go get a 40 watt tonite but i took my plant outside today so tht it can get fresh air
  15. Taking ur plant inside n outside stresses em man beleive me I lost a plant from it
  16. well ima keep it outside then lets see how that tuns out
  17. Should be ok for a little while but ur a lil late in the season to keep it outside
  18. I know thts why i started it inside but how much more until ima have to take it in again?
  19. Idk were ur at nor am I qualified at growing to tell u that I'm on my first n I lost a plant that I took outside everyday
  20. nice, i used to let mine sit outside during a sunny day and put light on it at night, only bad thing is the plant is constantly changing spectrums which could cause slower growth.

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