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Cfl help please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by watsonfour20, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. hey im starting my first grow and its gonna b a cfl grow, i think its the best i could do on a REALY small budget and little space maby 4x4x4ft. and i know where to get the bulbs in stuff but what do i screw them into? and where do i get it? and any advice on how many i should use and how much watts? i only want 1 plant and a descent yeild. thanks
  2. if you want just one plant i suggest 6 daylight 100 watt equivalents, and 6 Soft white of the same thing for flowering.

    just get a power strip and a timer from walmart and im sure you can find those daylight bulbs and soft white bulbs at home depot and get splitters and plug ins for lights to you can just suspend your lights above with them in the power strip. and you can keep those very close to the lights as they dont emit to much heat, i would say 1" -2" MAX
  3. Approx. 100 watts per plant so you will want around 100-150 i would recommend. Get sockets with reflectors and a long 10' cord from your local hardware store or walmart.
  4. 6x26 watt, 100 watt equiv CFLS = 156 total watts. the math was already done. :)
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    thanks dudes but ah where can i get those plug-in sockets?
  6. a light bulb socket...
  7. or at lowes you can get medium based light socket to outlet socket plugins, and then you can get a 2 way splitter for those cfl's so in essence you need 3 plugins, and 3 2 way light splitters, and you can find those at lowes, and if your out of cash their small and easy to steal(not saying you should(but only if your really desperate haha))
  8. thanks fubar i mite just have to go for the 5finger discount son haha thanks i get it now thanks
  9. alrite so i had 2 4ft flouro 25watt tubes and a 25W cfl but my cfl blew somehow. and i unpluged the tubes and there fried to.. so i threw the sprouts outside in my woods idk it was the best i could thinkve till i get money for lights haha so now this is my first outdoor grow haha so any advice on like a guerilla grow

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