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  1. I have a 125 watter 6500 K in a 3 way socket. On the box it says it needs to be a one way, but will it really hurt it? I have the socket set on the lowest setting (1 click out of three clicks) and it seems to be okay. Although the base is a bit warmer than my 200 watter 2700 K in a one way but I was thinking that was because of the kelvin rating.

    what do you think? will the three way be fine, or is it gonna burn out prematurely? the bulb is about fifty bucks so I'd rather not waste it, although the socket was $25 (half the price!!), while a one way was $15.
  2. I doubt it will hurt any. See, in three way bulbes there are multiple filaments, which is why ou can get 3 ranges of light. The reason a CFL won't work in the traditional 3 way fasion is that no matter what it will always run the same. That's why they also say it is non dimmable. Now, if you put a CFL in a light that is hooked up to a dimmer and turn it down, all the other lights will dim except the CFL. When the power gets low enoguh and the CFl can't get enough juice to function it will just shut off. Knowing what I know about lights, I would say that if the light lights, its getting the juice it will use, but more power being available won't make it burn out or br brighter. CFL's have a built in ballast that conrols the power flow. I'm not an electrician, but like I said before from my experience, you should be fine.
  3. awesome amigo thanks a lot, that helps tremendously.
  4. how many watts can the three way hold? are you growing with the 125-200 equivalent or is that the actual wattage?
  5. Those are true watts :D

    They're big man.

  6. Do you know how many watts the 3-way can support? If your not exceeding the wattage I'd say you're gold.
  7. just checked and it doesnt say on the socket. guess its a replacement socket for a lamp hah, oh well. I'll replace it with a one way one day just to make it uniform I suppose.

    thanks for the help amigo just couldnt supply the info sorry
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    BTW.... That's one of my favorite Bill Hicks quotes. + rep! GL!!
  9. They do make dimmable CFLs, just so you know. I've seen them as high as 150W, actual.

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