Cfl help please. Need more light?

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  1. I got 2 power strips and 6 of the plug in outlets and then bought 900 lumen 2700k bulbs and the 800 lumen 6700k should I get the higher wattage bulbs? They are just little baby sprouts for now but I want to bring up a few plants while I'm waiting for mothers. I'm doing for an experiment sort of thing. 4 foot 4 bulb hydro farm high output t5 on the way to support mothers which is what this experiment is for (finding a mother) so the question I guess is, is 8, 6700k and 4, 2700k enough I think they are 14 watts. Should I get bigger bulbs or wait til flower? Might get clamp lamps or something and add a couple more big CFL's. like the 120s or whatever will fit. Help me out? I want as much bud as possible. And more light is more bud but is it worth it or wait? Do they make clamp lamps that already have the cord and socket in it? Links please I haven't looked online but my search starts now. Can't find em local
  2. Could I put the bigger 55 watts or something in all of the Y splits and be ok? Help a stoner out.
  3. No one? Should I at least get the 23 watts for flower?
  4. GE makes a 26w bulb in 6500 that puts out 1625 lumen a piece. im currently building a light set up like yours using these bulbs. They are smaller then other brands of similar wattage so you can pack 4 to each strip. They draw around 400ma so 4 will be far under what the strip can handle. So you would be looking at 100w and 6500 lumen per strip. I plan to run three of these in a 1.5x2x3 box. I suggest you look into these bulbs walmart i believe has them. The sylvania bulbs are much larger with less output avoid them if u can. Hope this helped in anyway.

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  5. As for the 55w you shld be fine there as well. I plan to use these for flower. Im thinking 6 55w 2700k with 6 26w 6500k. 480w with 31500 lumen for flower.

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  6. I run pairs of 40 watt CFL's in the Y splitters for flower.  No problems.
  7. I went ahead and bought e 23 watt 27k to flower. I'm ganna put the 14s on top I already paid for em might as well use em. And the 23 watts for clamp lamps. So ill have 8 14 watt 27k and 4 14 watt 65k for mix spectrum and 12 23 watt in clamp lamps with y splitters 27k. So 23x12+14x12= 440 actual watts of CFL. Over kill much? Get my 600s and get clamp lamps and just do 12 23 watts once I get the 600s? My electric bill is normally 50 a month or less cuz I run window acs. In only my room and now the garden. So hydro farm t5 4 bulb. 2 600s and 440 watts of cfl? Think I can fly under the radar I imagine it'll shoot to about 150 with a carbon filter running and a fan for the hps lights. But in Texas electric bills are usually a lot higher then ours. People running central ac big TVs freezers fridges aquariums. I have a Xbox I never play and a stereo basically that get used. Other then phone chargers. I think the hps lights will be about 60 a month to run for flower can't imagine the cfls and tv being more then 40-50 together t5 on 18 hours. And CFL's on 12. Maybe ill start with one 600 and see where it puts me after a month.
  8. So yeah they do have sockets with cord attached. Can be found at home depot, lowe's or any other home improvement place probably. And yeah use as high wattage as you can. I currently have a 65 watt, plus two 42 watts, but if i run them all they heat up my closet like hell.
    And yeah i did the same thing and went with the "Y" sockets, i can now put 6 lights up instead of just 3.

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