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cfl growbox just started 2 weeks in

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Doc Adam, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I just started a new grow box it is in a drawer in the closet I built 2 previous ones the day befor but realized certain reasons as to why they were not good spots. ne who i lined the walls photo printer paper shiny side out. I have a 3 foot flourescent light with two bulbs in it one has a purple tent the other has a cool green tent (really bright). Then i have a light i used to keep my lizard warm which puts out both uvb and uva light. I started the plant outside in a 3 in pot with miracle grow it sat out there for about a week then i brought it inside and put it under those lights. I have a few questions but so far my other post has gone unnoticed but if someone would like to lend a hand it would be much appreciated. I have been wondering if using the 3 dif fluorescent light bulbs is a bad idea ive been reading about needing 6500k lights for the veging stage and a lower 2500k one for the flowering not sure if i have that one or not i dont know exactly what my lights are but i believe one is a t12 and the other one is a 4500k (im just going by whats on the light these dont say the usual ****k duno why). also would it be a bad idea to go from the miracle grow pot to a bigger pot with some organic soil mixed with pete moss and if so what would i need to by as fertalizer at the local wally world or target.
  2. I figured out the 3 lights im using asof now 2 are 4100k 17w and a ESU Reptile SUPER UV DAYLIGHT F15-T8-BP. those are the lights on the plant so far. I also have 2 f20t12 20 w wide spectrum lights which put off a purple tented light im thinking those will be better to use during the flowering stage would someone please give me some advice im starting to feel like im the only one that reads these forums questions may be a little stupid but they need answers:D:smoking:
  3. get rid of the lizard light. go to a book store with cash and buy a book or two. read em. learn. rebuild a perfectly thought out grow area. start over. ur missing so much i cant even know where to begin. and pics will get more responses if thats the kind of thing ur going for.
  4. I figured what i needed to know could be obtained here i have a little cash im really new to all this but ive been reading a lot on here about the lights il c about getting a few books at books a million but i still want to continue with this im excited about it n it would be a waist to stop the plant now. if there is any help you could give im all ears

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