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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tinman94, May 25, 2009.

  1. I set up a grow box and gonna start a grow journal soon. Right now i got a 14 watt red and blue Led panel and a set up for 4 CFLs. I already have 4 soft white bulbs and want to know if i need the the daylight ones.
  2. Hey I got a simple ste up with just 2 CFL (Daylight Spectrum) for Vegetation in a Rubbermaid Container and is working you can check it out for urself
  3. Ive personally never used LEDS so I dont know what type of impact they will have on your grow. Soft whites do not put out as many lumens as daylight bulbs so the plants may tend to stretch and not fill up as quickly. My advice would be to make sure to use daylight bulbs during vegg period because they definately make a difference but I have done a grow using only soft white CFLs with decent results. If you get the daylight bulbs use them until flowering and then use all soft white bulbs and one daylight.
  4. For veg, you will want to go with daylight (6500k) bulbs. They provide the proper spectrum to help the plant grow during this stage. For flowering, switch to soft white (2700k), again to provide the proper spectrum. I don't know how effective the LED light will be, so it may be worth it to add a few more CFLs to each stage.

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