CFL Grow. Thoughts ?

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  1. Got my little trailer parky box set up

    Right now.

    1x 105w
    8x 23w

    It's like 19700 lumens. Got 4x40w coming to replace 4 of the 23w

    Making it 357 watts. That's 100w first plant. 50w for each additional + a lil. Bringing the total to 24200 lumens
    But will also be adding a few lights around the sides
    Reported. Topped and tied down. Gunna veg for another week or so then flip.
    Will my 357wqtts be enough ? What do u think ?

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  2. You can't go my the equivalent wattage homie, for cfls and leds you have to go by the true wattage it pulls from the wall. A 40w equivalent cfl is probably like 5 true watts at most. You'll need more light. Just get an led, much more efficient

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  3. Lol yah that's true wattage

    That big as mofo is 105w true wattage like 525 equivalent or something it's massive
    Then 23w true 100w equivalent
  4. And the 40watts I have on order are true 40 eq 150 or something 2700 lumens. Yadayada
  5. The beast

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  6. You'll still most likely need more light, or just more efficient light.

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  7. Hmm even with replacing some 23w with 40watts. 357watts hmmm. I'll see about adding something :)
  8. By efficiency I mean better color spectrum and PAR.

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  9. CFL grow thoughts: Don't grow with cfl's.

    They really are outdated tech as far as growing goes and for that matter for indoor lighting. They aren't that cheap. The higher watt cfl bulbs are only capable of about 50 lumens per watt. A 600 watt hps is capable of about 160 lumens per watt. It's over 3 times as efficient at making light out of a watt of electricity. The current highest tech leds can approach 200 lumens per watt. That's 4x the lighting efficiency of cfl. I paid $65 for the 60 watt one I just built. It's equal to about 240 watts of cfl while adding 1/4 or less of the heat to the grow space and costing 1/4 the amount on the electric bill.

    Not only that but CFL's just aren't capable of the level of light intensity it requires to make quality buds. Once you switch to flower a plant likes 50-60 watts per square foot of hps light to make proper buds. If you do the math figuring out that a cfl is 1/3rd as efficient as an hps you would need 150 watts per square foot to approach the correct flowering light levels for good buds. The problem is you can never squeeze that many watts of cfl in that small of a space without overheating it. That would be 600 watts of cfl in a 2x2ft space.

    They fool you into thinking that they grow ok because they are capable of veg. Veg growth doesn't take near the light levels so they suffice at that but once flower happens they are disappointing. Even T5HO's are a big step up from CFL.

    Forget all that. Get a cheap led panel and leave the 90's lighting system behind. Even the lower cost panels are capable of intense enough light levels to make great quality buds if you shop smart. I hear good things about these panels and the price is right.
    The 300w is 139 watts.

    The 600w is 277 watts.
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  10. Any updates on your grow. If you had a harvest I think it would have happened by now?

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  11. Heyhey. I'm on week 5 of flower currently.
    There all doing awesome.

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  12. Another one

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