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  1. Ive had this girl under 12/12 for 72 days now and im chopping her on saturday. Got the opportunity to snap some nice shots so enjoi grasscity! And thanks to all who take there time to help others im a first time grower and all the info and users on this site have made it much easier. so THANKS!

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  2. What types/quantity/wattages are you running?
  3. Great work jimmyb420, let us now how much dry bud you end up with.
  4. that plant looks very nice lots of buds. im gonna be doing a cfl pretty soon of strawberry cough. i hope mine turns out with as much buds as you did.

    and yes just wondering. how many watts are you running?
  5. thanks for the compliments fellas again i owe this forum and the whole growing community for its help throughout. But heres a run down of my cfl + floro setup

    cfl setup + floro tube
    2. 42w cools (top 2 adjacents)
    2. 26w daylights (bottom 2 adj.)
    1. 42w tube type (top)
    1. 28 in. flourescent tube
    total lumens and wattage equivalant im unsure of cause i threw the packeges away but all the lights were purchased localy and cost about 40 bucks (which im highly proud of by the way) lol!

    Heres a better shot of my setup enjoi<STYLE type=text/css></STYLE>
  6. forgot to upload woops

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  7. rep+ for that! Tasty:smoke:
  8. Looks great! I'll be glad if my first grow looks that good!
  9. that's a long flowering period! what strain, or is she just bagseed?
  10. yea what strain? please post pix after they get chopped!!

    nice first grow
  11. Well thanks people I put a lot of hard work and energy into this adventure and I just cant wait until i can smoke those luscious buds lol. anywho I actually dont know the strain of this beast jus know that I acquiered the seeds through some local herb in my area. Noticing that the batch I was buying from had 3-4 seeds per 1.5 grams i took full advantage. I know some here may think its some sort of schwag or middys (common generalization due 2 the seeds) but I examined this herb closely before smoking it and it had some very fine qualities to it ( nice crystals and a good population of red hairs). The high was nice and unique for the type of gonga in my area (mostly shitty dro and every now and than a nice batch of high grade) The only down side is that it had seeds.

    My theory is that the original grower of this bud was in it to win it. Meaning he grew a mass quantity all at ounce and choped it down all at ounce making and selling it in mass quantity as fast as possible.

    Since I noticed that this bud was of high grade status ( except for the seeds) I decided i would take those little babys and nurse them into the fine sensimilla that they had potential to be!!!! Now these buds look a million times better than the herb i was buying and its seems the high will be more intoxicating too (fingers crossed) mucho confidant it will be though.

    Oh yeah and ill def. keep everyone intrested posted on my harvest and cure and eventually my dry weight totals with some nice close ups for sure!!!

    Any guesses on dry weight? Close freinds of mine seem to think anywhere from 2.5- 3.0 oz.
  12. a great black n white and the post murder of my plant enjoi

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  13. hi you mentioned growing some strawberry cough, ive bn looking for some sc seeds 4 a while now whrere mite i b able to buy some thnx

    peace out brothers
  14. Did you chop it down with that axe? :D
  15. lol swa!!!! I prbly should have this stem was mega thick but i managed to do it with a serated knife from my kitchen haha. Jus took awhile and i def broke a sweat for suer.
  16. has anyone used these cfls bfor??? this is the one i used to grow my main cola. what do you guys think??

    Anyone want to take some dry weight guesses?

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  17. Nice Tree ;)
  18. i dunno i'd love to know though??? im guessing an ounce??

    was it a bagseed or wat???

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