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  1. I am starting a small indoor grow with CFL bulbs. Growing just one plant and it's going to be in a dresser.
    I have these lights at Walmart that are good price and local. Which is the better option? There's a 200w equivalent CFL it's big. But I would use two.
    Other option is the smaller 100w equivalent I would probably use 4-5 of those.
    I was also curios of the heat potential.. I'm doing this in a wooden dresser so I don't want it to be a fire hazard
    Here's pictures of the bulbs.


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  2. I think it is best to use Daylight bulbs 6500k for veg and 2500-2800k for Flowering. Just keep in mind, wattage and lumens are far more important than daylight or soft color. IMO CFLS to put out some heat, so keep that in mind.

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    if you use cfl and want a decent yield there is only one way T 5 .There's no other way to pull a lot of yield with bulbs .Tiny pots throw your yeild off .The 2 tf T5 98 watts more spread setup. you could scrog and veg for a min. save on your bill two get a decent yield of you play your cards right .You can do one nice size plant with that .Or go 150 watt hps , Or a 125 watt cfl bulbs .That way you can have something that will thrive i think .Or make a set up with a good amount of light bulbs .There's some amazingly simple organize set ups on here look hard. Save every picture of other growers that are worth it. that's what i do to help me get ideas from everywhere .

    LOL how could i forget LED you can try led takes bank though

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  4. If your going to buy 4-5 at 12$ a piece I'd invest into a cheap led mars old model 600 is only a 100$ nothing against cfl they run quite hot is all eBay is king

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    Yeah I'm trying to just get started as cheap as possible. I can get 2 of the big bulbs for $24 or 4 of the small for $10... So I didn't know if 4 small bulbs is actually the same or better? Or if I'm better off spending the extra on the two big ones. Or if that's even enough wattage to grow. Not trying to have a BIG yield just get a first grow started and see how it goes.
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    What I found is using a combination of both types of bulbs " and "softwhite" "daylight"; the real key to CFL's is the lumens, I always shot for 3000 lumens per square foot.
    Also keep in mind CFL's do not have the light penetration that HPS/MH lights do; so to counter I found that putting lights on the sides and low so there is little shaded area worked well.
    So using the smaller bubls to start with would be a goods thing.
    Since the light distribution is low; keeping the CFL's close is important, this leads to air flow for cooling, another must.
    I myself have switched to using T-5's for the top lighting (I have a scrog set up) and also T-5's for the side lighting; I have found a more even coverage of lighting than I did with the CFL's.

  7. The penetration of cfls is terrible. Its better to use multiple bulbs spread around the plant IMO. A couple inches is all they're good for. But you need a bit more info to make a wise choice other then big ones and small ones. What's the actual wattage of the bulbs. I wouldn't personally trade a 100 actual watt cfl for four 13 watt CFLs. However I would trade four 23 watt CFLs for a 100. That's just an example. You need to give a bit more info about the bulbs. What's the actual watts, not equivelant? Equivalent means nothing to a grower. What's the Kelvin ratings?

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  8. Who cares if cfls don't make huge buds saves money, maybe that's all he could afford man .Please don't give the ,"400 watt hps spheech again we have to use hps or the highway spheech ."im lose it if i hear it for real cuz
  9. CFLs do not save $. A watt costs a watt. 150 actual watts of cfls cost exactly the same as 150 watts of hps/mh. Nobody is giving any speeches. I sure wasn't if you're referring to me. I didn't even mention any other form of lighting .

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  10. I was at Walmart and saw a grow light set up with a T5 bulb it's just one and the stuff for it. Are T5's the same and a 1 plant grow okay to use one bulb?
  11. Galaxy hydro LEDs are cheap off Amazon and run cool. I've got 600s and 150s, very little heat off either. Full spectrum. Any type of full spectrum light can grow marijuana. Some of the earlier LEDs weren't well balanced for both stages of growing. Most of the 'you can only use THIS type of light' comments come from those that haven't grown with any other type of light. All grow lights have there own sets of unique issues. Leaf surface temperature is hugely different depending on light type, and largely overlooked.
  12. Issue I had with T5s was how fast they started to dim. I use a lux meter, not my eyes to make that statement.

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