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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by loopdloop2, May 13, 2010.

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    I just started a cfl grow with dutch passion blueberry and either lemon skunk auto or blueberry auto (mixed up during germ) The auto something is doing well. I planted it on mothers day and it sprouted. The dutch passion is germed but it isnt sprouting. i guess i was being really ambitious and high and i like dug it up with my finger and i replanted it.:smoking::smoking::smoking::bonging:

    i hope that didnt effect it. also ive been watering the two too much i think. at one point it was like every hour or so. now i have them with holes in the bottom and lower sides in a dish with cooled boiled water(distilled i guess) and i replenish that water when it is all gone.

    as for lighting, i switched it to whats in the pic two days ago. originally i had just those two hanging lights and no desk lamp. on each y splitter i have a 2700k bulb and a 5500k full spectrum bulb. theyre all 13 watt and im gonna get 23w bulbs (100w equiv.) i didnt know if my fixture could take it but numerous people say it could. im going to build to help reflect to lights. i also just bought 3 Pack Coleman Cable 05932 8-1/2" Heavy Duty Reflector Clamp Light - 18/2 SPT and 6' Cord: Home Improvement (and a new grinder :rolleyes::smoking::smoking: Chromium Crusher 3.00" Premium Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder (non-aluminum grinder): Kitchen & Dining


    light setup


    auto something. not sure either blueberry or lemon skunk (i hope lemon skunk)


    dutch passion blueberry

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