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  1. After medical issues caused allot of damage to my throat, just over year later i am feeling allot better but am also still having allot of pain and at times difficulty swallowing food and liquids. I am a daily smoker and was before the issues started. Now about 3/4 of the high makes everything get worse and then fade back into how i was feeling that day before i smoke. (more details in my other thread -Link)
    \nI am now starting my first grow while i take a break from smoking for a couple months for the benefit of healing time and marijuana i grow myself to ensure it is clean and no chemicals are added  - like what can be found in street weed that may be hurting my throat.
    \nI will post pictures after the weekend of the grow box as i am working on it while my seeds germinate. the plan is a tallboy dresser for the grow box, the shelves removed to make an open area, small intake fan, bigger exhaust fan, inside lined with Mylar. 
    \nStrain - Alakazam Feminized
    Purchased from single marijuana seeds Canada
    \nLights - 5 - 25w CFL 6500K Veg = 125w
                 6 - 23w CFL 2700K Flower = 138w
    \nVeg - 18/6 Flower 12/12
    \nGoal is to grow from a 4.25US Gal bucket and use LST to maximize the lights position (being CFL's rather than HID), rather than trying to awkwardly positions CFLs around a tall plant. 
    \nI chose to use the water cup method of germination. The seed was dropped into a clear cup of water and placed in a dark room  that's usually kept around 20 degrees Celsius. 
    \nI hope for this to be the start of a continuous grow (attempting cloning).
    \nThe soil I purchased  was the only one in Walmart being winter(Newfoundland, CA) has nutrients in it, although it is really small amounts of the N-P-K ratio. 2-1-3. I know the best thing is to not have nutrients for a seedling so i will be flushing the soil a couple times for the starter pot and after a week or two of growth, start adding nutrients at 1/4 recommended dosage. 
    \nWill that work for the soil? I am hoping for this to be the start of a continuous grow (cloning) for my health. Any comments and recommendations welcome. 

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  3. I was reading loads about soil earlier on here go into the outdoor section 
  4. Yes it will work I don't think the soil will burn the seedlings, that soil is close to being organic with nuts being so low.

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