cfl for seedlings getting way too hot

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  1. I have two sprouted seedlings, with 4 100 watt equivalent 6500k cfls on them from two different clamp lights. " I got y splitters and put them in the clamp lights ", but I moved one of them down to about 2 inches from the two sprouts and according to my accurite thermometer, the temperature at plant level got a little over 90 degrees. If my thermometer is accurate then how can I keep it cooler with it being so close? And how hot is to hot for the seedlings?
  2. you can more the sprouts away from the lights a little.
    let me guess they are growing in a fucking box?
  3. No they are in a 3' by 4' foot fucking closet that is 8 foot tall, I know I can move them away some but I didn't want them to stretch and have read you can have cfls within a couple inches to keep that from happening
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    I'll get a basically asking how far away can I move the lights and have them not stretch and get all spindly
  5. I have to wonder how you guys need all the fans and shit with 4 little bulbs and I run huge lights and dont need a fan.
    Open the closet door?
  6. The closet door is open, but with the lights that close that's how hot it gets at soil level 2 inches in front of the lights, according to the temperature probe. the inside air temperature of the closet is right at 78 degrees

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