Cfl for Autoflower Grow Box???

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jahchronic, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, I am starting a grow using green omatic seeds in a stealth grow box roughly 21"x20"x20". I have two power-strips for light sockets and already have 4 2700k cfls for flowering, but I'm not sure about veg lights. Some of the 6500k cfls are huge and pretty expensive, while others are small and normal priced. Are the smaller 6500k cfls good for vegging autos, or will I need the larger one? In addition, if the larger cfl is needed, what kind of socket and outlet are needed? Thank you for any advice!!
  2. baby... it's all in the lumens, you can mess with kelvin all you want, but no plant ever gets enough lumens /Lm.

  3. yeah man just what vostok said. instead of buying 6500k, get more 2700k.
    but then, i havent grown yet, im still learning.
  4. So if I added 4 more 2700k bulbs it would total 9600 lumens for the box with probably 4 autos. Would that be enough for veg and flowering? And since the veg is so short with autos, do I even bother with veg lighting??

    Thanks for the input

  5. Go for the big CFL, If it doesn't come with the holder/socket than you have to buy an E40 holder/hanger.
  6. A mixture of spectrum's wont hurt.Run 80% 2700k's 20% 5500k's/6500k's. Might as well work along a bigger spectrum. lumens are great, but you also need that PAR

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