Cfl flower room whats ur input?

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  1. ok heres my flowering room jus wanna hear some feedback from other growers
    my room is 3ft long 5 ft wide and 8ft tall. The room is set on a constant 8 hr light on 16 hr light off "I have 2 other rooms a seed/clong and a veg" anywho to the lighting i went a lil nutty with cfls i have 40 23w softwhite 2700k 1600lumen made into two main ballast 12inch by 12 inch with 12 cfls per ballast the with reflectors each ballast and surrounding the 2 ballast is 4 mini cfl ballasts with 4 cfls per ballast and the entire room area is lines with aluminum and polished the plants i grow are no bigger than 2ft with the lights no higher than 3inchs from the canopy jus let me kno what you think good bad whatever crazy lmao :smoking:
  2. Why are your lights on for only 8 hours?
  3. upload a pic sounds awesome
  4. well for 2 reasons it kinda shaves a few weeks off the flowering process and keeps my electric bill down too its on 56 hrs a week opposed to 84
  5. I will upload some pics within the next day or so ive kinda had my hands full im working on a very cheap and very good set it and forget it cloner machine thats usually my biggest problem is keeping a good amount of plants vegging :smoking:
  6. u need 6500k for veg, not 2700k
  7. if i put 2700k for the light temp in my veg my apologizies they are 6500k jus the flower room is 2700k
  8. Pics of the rooms

    130109_0002.jpg ....Flower room :hello:

    130110_0001.jpg ....veg room :hello:

    130110_0002.jpg ....better view of veg room the two plants in the back are regenerated the one to the left has started to regrow :D
  9. I don't understand why you are using CFLs and not HIDs if you don't want to use a lot of power? Do you have heat problems?
  10. honestly there jus not the lights for me in my room my grow room would increase in size fro 3x5 to 3x10 because the hps light has to mount in the center due to the celing pitch my rooms in a 10x10 insulated shed
  11. Hmmm, 920 watts of cfl. If you dont pull at least 1-1.5p then it proves you are missing out by not using hid. Just get creative with the mounting, having an extra 1/2p will make ducting seem like not that big of a deal all the sudden.
  12. well basically im doing a experiment caus no matter where i go and read there is no actual person ive found thats done it like this i have one more after this one and then im replacing my cfls with hid 1000w doing 3 cycles "its a flower room" and compare avgs and yes its all the same strains all logged in journals i jus have to kno jus to kno so by may of 2014 ill have all the info i need lol
  13. That's a cool ideal dude. I have a CFL set up similar in 2 flower rooms actually one with a wire shelf in the middle, fans up and down rows of lights up and down and on all sides. One portable A/C unit and one heater its 8 ft high 30 inches deep and six feet long so two set of 23 watt CFL I think about 40 of them all together. I am kinda wondering if I should consider using another type of lighting? So I am interested in what you find out with your experiment
  14. yea im running several experiments im confirming that 8 hour light on and 16 orr will not only reduce you flower time by 30=% but the cost it will save also is quite a bit.
    To get the operating cost per hour for a light, take the grow lights combined wattage, and divide it by 1,000 to get the kilowatts used. Then multiply that number by the amount your electric company charges per kilowatt hour. HID lights will use the number of watts it emits per hour, i.e.; 600w system will use 600 watts per hour (regardless of spectrum) and that is 0.6 kilowatts. So if your electric company charges you $0.10 per kilowatt hour this lap will cost 0.6 X $0.10 = $0.06 per hour to run. Multiply that out for a daily or monthly cost per lamp. so .06 x 12 hours per day=0.72per day now multiply by say 30 days=21.6 per month opposed to running 8 hours=0.48 per day and 14.4 per month all your budding happens in the dark so why run 12 hours and kill your bill im jus making sure with my 8 hour experiment that the buds come out as good as my previous 12hr harvest last month but so far 12 days in the flower room and all 5 plants have nice lil buds on the already. as long as the buds as good as last harvest ill keep my flower room on 8/16 from here on out
  15. Wow!
    If that has already worked for you one time that's amazing with no difference in quantity or quality? I'm going to go change my timers.
  16. If you would I, and probably others, would greatly appreciate it if you'd post your results post harvest. I sincerely believe that in the interest of saving energy this experiment will likely result in a corresponding sacrifice in yield. That said, I'm open to being proven wrong.
  17. firstly yes the 8 hour experiment is working awesom and so far no signs that the buds gonna be any less potent either all the plants are 13 days into the flower room and already have really nice buds. @ben...well firstly it depends on how big your room is gonna be and how big you are planning on growing your plants? med size like 2ft? but take this into consideration each 42w is about 3000 lumens most 23w are 1600 the bulbs are cheaper alot cheaper u can get 4-6 100a the cost of one 42 but you want to base your amount of lights on your room sqft you wanna target 5000-10,000 lumens per sqft. so in order to get that lets say your room is 3x5 thats 15sqft and you want 5000 lumen per sqft multiply 5000x15sqft=75000 lumens needed to get that now divide that by we will say 3000 for your 42w lights and youll need 25 42w lights...jus make sure you get the soft white lights they at 2700k you need that for budding u should have different lights for veggin they say but i use the same veggin and buddin 2700k works jus fine for veggin
  18. @sco... i will deff post any losses on my yield ill grab a pic or two of the 5 plants maybe later if i remember but i got the idea from this book i read the guy grew all diff types of plants and messed around with all diff flower cycle times from 12-8 and they all were done like 40%faster with about 35-40% cost savings. but my results will be logged in somewhere in feb first or sec week
  19. I too am interested! Keep us posted on the light cycle and yield differences if any. This could change the way we look at flowering and electric consumption. Also if it speeds up the budding time, that would be great.

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