CFL first grow: Am I doing this right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenleafmatt, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and just started my first closet grow. I have one plant going in my closet. This is pretty much an experimental grow. I'm using a bagseed, but for future grows I definitely plan on buying strain-specific seeds.

    I made some hasty miseducated decisions on supplies at first. As I said, I'm using a bagseed (came from purple bud, so safe to assume it's indica?) Started with three 26w 2700k, planted in miracle gro organic choice potting mix (contains composted bark, sphagnum peat moss, and pasteurized poultry litter. .1% total nitrogen, .05% phosphate, .05% soluble potash). I lined my closet walls with aluminum foil at first, before reading white walls are as effective.

    Today, my plant is ten days old. I switched the lights out with four 26w 5000k cfls, I'll use the 2700ks for flowering.

    Some questions:
    Is my soil okay? Should I use something different when I transplant?

    Would it be worth it to get some mylar? I figured since my plant is in a small area surrounded by white walls, I may be fine like this.

    I'm a bit restricted on space, and am looking for the plant to get no bigger than 3 or 3.5 ft. When should I transplant and switch to flowering? How big of a pot?

    Lastly, does my plant look healthy? Am I doing this right?

    I greatly appreciate any advice and look forward to learning and improving on my grows! Thanks.

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  2. Looking good man keep it up, id even throw a 2700k in there just to mix it up, even in flowering have a 5000k in there. You definitly dont need nutes yet your probably gunna want to transfer when you start getting more nodes into a 2-4 gallon pot. White walls should b fine, you can force flowering after 4 weeks by switching lights to 12/12
  3. forgot to ask about fans. i have a rather big, probably 10-12" fan that swings back and forth. is this something good to use, or should i get something else?

  4. thanks for the response! good info.
  5. u want 6500's for veg not 5000

  6. i was looking for 6500k's, but Home Depot didn't have anything more than 5000k. i read of people having success with 5000k's. or am i too :smoking: ?
  7. i dn i wouldnt use them. try walmart. ur looking at the kelvin scale right? all i see when i go to wall mart is 6500 and 2700 pretty much
  8. No you can use 5000k bulbs, of course 6500k is better. I have went through a cycle using 5000k cfl bulbs. Your safe;)
  9. yeah i'm lookin at the kelvin scale. i'm gonna stick with the 5000k's for this plant, since i just bought them. i'll look harder for 6500k's next time.
  10. I would go get a 6500k youll notice faster growth and better out come in the end
  11. Man i vegged mine with 2700k and i saw new growth daily, no point in making this guy go out and buy more lights is a waste of money.
  12. Sure it might grow a little faster, but I wouldn't waste the money if you just bought those ones. Especially for 1 little plant.
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    looks very healthy and not stretchy at all, which is rare for beginners, since they usually dont use enough light or put it way too far away.
    white paint instead of mylar is fine, lotsa pros do it I believe.
    miracle grow is supposedly shitty, containing slow-release fertilizers and possibly harmful chemicals, but Im only repeating what Ive read here many times, I believe they dont sell mg here in germany. the organic type might be better, but miracle grow is still fucking evil since its monsanto...
    one good and rather expensive soil that I see being used in this forum all the time is fox farm ocean forest, havent heard anything bad about it other than it being slightly too strongly fertilized for some seedlings. there definitly are some cheaper brands that are equally good as fox farm.
    for soil I recommend you check out the organics section of this forum, the absolute best option would be to mix your own soil with all the natural fertilizers the plant will need until harvest, you can find some recipes.
    always add 1/3 by volume perlite or something similar to your soil for aeration, it reduces the risk of overwatering and significantly speeds up growth. btw only water when the soil gets dry two inches deep (or a little less in such a small container). pics dont look like youre overwatering, but all the other newbs do it...

    for the height restriction you should definitly try LST and if you like topping/fimming (or supercropping, but thats just LST for people who dont have time to tie down branches).
    after inducing flowering, the plant will stretch for a few weeks and then stop growing vertically. the common rule of thumb is that rather indica-ish plants stretch to about 2 times their size and sativa-ish plants stretch to 3 times their size.
    you can try to determine which type your plant is by looking at its leaves (slim, light green=sativa, wide, overlapping, dark green=indica), also the source of the weed you got it from can be an indicator. if its regular indoor bud, its pretty certainly more indica since they flower faster and are generally easier to grow indoors, if its imported outdoor weed (for example from mexico), its probably sativa.
    for now it looks like a sativa to me, but its a little early to tell for sure.

  14. i think i was watering a little too much the first couple of days, but i started watering about every other day (i'll continue to water whenever it gets dry about an inch or two deep).

    when i transplant it into a bigger pot (in about a week maybe?) will it be okay to switch to a different soil mix?

    and any suggestions for a fan?
  15. I wouldn't transplant till its 4 weeks old. And yes you can change the soil. You don't need a fan right now but any household fan will do.

  16. really? didn't think it could stay in a solo cup that long
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    Check out my grow, I have a plant that's been in a solo cup for about 2 months now. It's small, but still just as healthy as day 1 (Look at the most recent update to see it. Page 9, last post.)
  18. i think i'll transplant soon, just so i can get it into a better organic soil. it wouldn't be wise to stick with the miracle-gro i'm in currently, right?
  19. I think being a new Fama creating some of your own mixture would do wonders for your experience you can flash any soil and bake it then add you're own amendments

  20. thanks for the response, but what exactly does this mean? sorry haha. :wave:

    also, might be worth noting about thirty minutes after watering this morning i found a little winged bug crawling around my soil and i scared it away. should i be worried about this?

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