CFL DWC Grow Journal! (1st grow)

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    So this is my first grow. I know a little just from messing around and reading allot and knowing people who have done this, but myself this is my first real attempt. that being said. I'm very open to advice.

    Anyways, My set up is a Deep water culture with CFL's.

    For the basic res I'm just doing the netpots in 18Gallon tub with airstones.

    I have 2 large airstones lining the bottom, Mainly trying to get one for each side. Each side has 2 good size net pots. but i wanted them to get allot of bubble for better air circulation.

    As for lights I'm using 2 Soft white 2700k 68Wat. Pushing out 4200Lumens.

    and 2 smaller ones that are 150 pushing out around 1870 each.

    And also another 2 smaller ones pushing out about 2000 each. You'll see which are which when i can upload those pictures in a bit.

    Happy growing!:smoke:
  2. 3 days old btw.
  3. Do you have anything in the empty net pot? Light will cause algae. And that is not good.
  4. shit no ill add hydrotron
  5. [​IMG]

    1st Light set up pic
  6. Just decided to Cut out circles in the diameter of the pots. then cut out center piece for plant. Theory is it will reflect more light and further reduce light reaching the water.
  7. Woke up today to find some nice growth after putting the new lights in yesterday.
    Ph'ed the water. It's staying at a range of 6.0 - 6.4 without much jumping. changing ph every 48 hours.


    Nice and green, and seems to be getting thick leafs and nice strong stem though its still small, I left the fan on lastnight just to give them a breeze to hopefully strengthen them up.
  8. Decided to go ahead and get a makeshift light going, Should hold me over for a week or so till i can go get the T5.

    Mess of wires. But the light seems to be aimed allot better and the plants have perked up. plus the light is a bit more even.

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    Looking good! The only thing different I would of done is instead of putting your airline through the net pot, I would drill a 1/4 in. hole through the side of the tub and put it through there. I also see your running clear airlines, I do as well, but if you decide to go through the side of your tub make sure you tape up the airlines. I use black electrical tape and just tape up about 10 in. out. You don't want algae!
  10. Thanks for the tip, How quick does algy form? and i will keep that in mind. i planned on drilling the hole next water change. i have a sprout of alcopoco gold coming up i plan on putting in the forth one. I already have 1 airhose that way thats just a 2nd one because i went out and got a 2nd airstone.
  11. Day 8 From seed (4 in setup)

    So its Day 8 since i put the seed in rockwool, Day 4 of being in the actually system. Woke up today and haven't touched anything just watching as is progresses. the light hood i made is working allot better, the room is staying at about 79- 82. down on the surface of the tub its about 83 - 84.

    Anyways here's some random pics from today.

    can't wait to see my first real leafs.
  12. Alright so today i got up and PH'ed also put my Alcopoco Gold in, which is only 2 days since initial germination. but regardless its growing strong and fast. But I also noticed a decent amount of new growth. The new leafs are finally here, i think by tonight ill be able to see them pretty well. But here's some pics. Tell me what you think so far!

    Front left. Day 9 From seed.


    Front Right "Lowrider grow" This is my first time experimenting with the LST so Here's my first attempt. It has already moved back up towards the light since last night

    Back left 6 Days from seed. This one has really taken off. I think this is going to be one of my stronger ones.

    Enjoy. Id love to hear some feedback.
  13. You won't need to start LST for another week or two. Early on, you'll just want to let them get big, then you can start tying them down.

    Looks good though! Algae doesn't form very quickly ,and needs quite a bit of light. Warm temperatures in your reservoir make it a lot more likely to get algae, so keep an eye on that.
  14. Thanks, Since i already tied it down once ill leave it as is. the stem is already stretched as it is, but ill give it another 2 weeks before another tie.
  15. Personal Notes.

    Vegging: Grow = 0 / Micro = 5ml per gallon / Bloom = 10ml per gallon.
  16. So i woke up to find that the roots have touched water. Now i already had some nutes in a little under regular. Using GH. On one of the plants, the back left. I'm starting to notice that the leaves are getting a small bit of nute burn possibly on the tips of the leafs.

    Now my plants have taken off in growth, but yes the nute burn may get worse, Should i flush everything out and just put fresh water in for lets say 4 to 5 days? or should i just let it sit and let the plants tough it out, the front left seems to have no issue. neither does the right.
  17. Similar to our set up. Only difference we did was changed over to single pots. Much easier on the roots. I'm excited for you! GL!! Nice instructions too. I love checking out others set ups :D thanks for the post!
  18. Day 10(From seed)

    Just a quick update on how they're looking today. the front left took off last night.

  19. Earlier i saw to see that the roots had finally hit the bottom of the netpot, they are currently just coming out of the bottom barley.

    However. The water is touching the netpots still, should i take some water out?

    And generally how far do you wanna keep water from root? or should it stay submerged.?

    Also tonight i plan on going out and getting buckets with lids. 4. so that each one has its own along with its own airstone, plus i can better watch my nutrient levels and additives in the long run.

    Should i go ahead and do that? or just stick with this for now?
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    Not much to update on today.

    Here's my main one doing good one day 11 From seed. / 8 in system

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