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  1. Hi everyone new here. Just got some cfls 2 100 watt. My question is how far should I put them from the plants. I have 4 plants bout 15 inches away right now. My other lighting is 1 120 watt standard grow light and 2 60 watt satndard grow lights. thanks
  2. go ahead and put those CFLs up there close i mean a few inches. just far enough away that they dont burn the leaves.
  3. Ok great Im thinking im going to shit can the 120 watt standard and the 2 60's and get 2 more 100 watt cfls. Will this be enough for the entire grow? The standard lights just get to hot. Or should I keep them?
  4. by standard you mean standard light bulb? incandescent?
  5. No a standard gro light got it from lowes. They have a light blue color on the bulb.
  6. gotcha. you will want to have 100 "actual" watts for your plant and 50 watts for every additional plant added to the grow if you wanna get good bud production from your CFLs. what strain are u workin with?
  7. I am working with blueberry crossed with granddaddy kush. So the 4 100 watt cfls will work? Or 2 100's and 2 50's? theres 4 plants in the grow. Thanks for your help.
  8. give the 4 100 watters a chance and see how they go, but dont let the plants get too tall before you flower with the CFLs. not stealin your post just wanted to add a pic to show you a grow i did using CFLs..the strain is sweet dreams. its just good evidence and a confidence booster to see that cfls do work.

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  9. I'm hoping by 100w you actually mean 100w as in they cost over $20 per bulb and put out over 8000 lumen each. and not a normal 23-27w CFL that puts out 1500-1800 lumen and comes in a 4 pack for $10

    As for those "grow lights" those a gimmick items for people like you. The cost extra money and are mostly uneffectictive. CFL lights are superior in every way to a halogen or incandescent "grow light". The biggest means of them making money is that not only did you buy the useless lights, your better off going back to the store and guying more cfl and trashing the "grow light"

    As for distance of CFL to plant. about 2 inches. Use a fan to keep them cool if possible. Basically, as the distance between your plant and light is doubled, the light the plant recieves is quartered. You plant gets 4 times more light from 2 inches away than it does at 4 inches.
  10. Ya I bought those before I even went on here to see. Should have come here first. 1 of the 100 watters it an actual 100w. But the other is 27. So more Cfls then. Thanks guys. Where did you get the splitters?

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