CFL Diesel Ryder + Bubba Kush Noob diary & questions

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by WheelChair, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Well, here is my first kosha grow starting today. will be growing the above. Ordered all on friday including equipment. The seeds arrived today and have been put to germ using the 'paper towel' method.

    Here is what ive set to go:

    4 x Diesel Ryder, feminised
    1 x Bubba kush, feminised
    1 x Chiesel, feminised

    Now the idea is to go at the autos up to a point and swith the lights for the others. Now, i need help with this plan, as i dont know what the best time to flip would be. The DR's take 8-9 weeks from start to finish, but the BK take just that to flower. What light cycle would be best? will going 12/12 damage the auto's? as people say to go 18/6 or 24/24 all the way.

    or, do i have to wait for the auto's to finish before flipping cycle?

    its only a little grow, one 125 blue cfl and a 125 red cfl, but i have a 400 hps if i need it.
    Ill post pics as i go along. All help is welcome.

    Thanks :D

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