Cfl desk lamp grow = success

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Wilbur, May 24, 2010.

  1. :D:wave:Hi gc, Wilbur here to show you a plant that i really didn't care about\pay attention to because it was a late starter under my Mh 100w setup so i moved it under 2 32w cfl( a basic 2 headed desk lamp) and watered it using some extra organic plant foods that i had laying around....

    here it is a couple weeks before i moved it into a closet.....

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  2. nice, do you plan on flowering it?
  3. HAHAHAHAH thats epic, i have one just for fun growin in my closet getting more light than glad to know it may be sufficient to make it grow some lol...
  4. :Dyes i did end up flowering it.
    ill get pix up soon!! its about a week away from harvest;)
  5. Can't wait to see the pics!
  6. This is awesome. I'll be interested to see how much bud you get off this.
  7. Thats re-assuring for me, im using 1 40 watt CFL bulb, 2 overhead flourescents running a total of 80 watts, 2 side flourescent lights which are 15 watts, so that makes about 150 watts for 2 plants, I definitally should look into another CFL or 2 though
  8. :hello:yay people want to actually see it!!!!:cool:

    anyways sorry for the picture quality but here it is :D

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  9. ^^^ dude.... if it wasnt for this thread i was going to keep the sprouts in my closet just for shits...but know i know that perhaps the hopless amount of lighting i have (extremely similar to your situation) i may get some shit, for all i know at this point they are males bring hope!! hahahahaha + rep man
  10. haha... I love this dude, this shows that any budget will do! Great post man
  11. ;)exactly home boi
  12. what kinda stupid question is that?why grow it if ur not gunna flower it
  13. :p ^ agreed...

    but anways harvest pix after flushing :D
  14. How many watts did you end up having on her? I noticed a third CFL and 2 flouro tubes in that second set of pics.
  15. i have a similar situation what watts did you use? i have a hps and 3 cfl 100 watts. the hps is 1500 watts thoughbut im hoping to grow 2 -4 plants.
  16. :wave:yes i did add a couple flouros.... 1 extra 32 watt lamp...and 1 2bulb t8 that puts out about 5000 lumens at 2700k not sure the watts on that one but yeah its what i use for vegging anyways so i figured why not put it over this one :p the more light the better you know.

    thanks for stopping by, anyone have any tips on flushing( without extra chemicals) like distilled water?? ro water? how many times do i flush?:rolleyes:
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    You dont flush and then cut, you're suppose to flush 1-2 weeks in advance before you harvest.
    I use normal ph balanced tap water, I put my seven gallon buckets in the bathtub and flush the soil then feed nothing but water for a week.
  18. :smoke: thank you. im going to flush today and then continue to water for a week... then i let it completely dry out and snip snip :D ill make sure to let you guys know the final weight off this "ghetto" grow...

    Lowryder journal coming soon!

    Peace :wave:
  19. Haha YES i'm curious to know the weight.
    My guess is 5.5 grams dry weight.. i hope you prove me wrong though.
  20. :smoke:i would guess its more than 5.5! haha we will see:wave:

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