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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Play4801, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. ok I have quite a few cfl lights all that are differnt colors. I got a like blueish one, and a couple cfls that give a light off like normal light bulbs, and some that are like a clean white, my plant just sprouted I have two smooth leaves and two textured leaves and it is about an inch tall, which color should I have directly over the plant. I am using the clean white looking one right now, and have the rest on the sides and corners.
  2. I'd use em all.
  3. blue spectrum for veg which is 6500K and red for flower, if theyr only small start off with just one of the lights, the ones which look like normal lightbulbs are probably incandescent so they wont work, depends what you got though.
  4. well they are CFLS, just different color spectrum, I am curently using all of them, but I have another question, I have two smooth leaves and two textured leaves, I am on my fifth day, shouldnt I be seeing some more textured ones.
  5. give it a little while to jump start its photosynthisis it used all of its stored energy just to sprout so its gonna take a few days before you notice alot of nice growth.
  6. ok I have noticed that the smoothe leaves are starting to bend downward and the textured leaves are rising up what does this mean?

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