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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by stikman, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. im growing one plant in portion of my closet (good small/tall space) and i have some cfls how many would be enough to grow this?

    cfl info:14W CFL SPIRAL 5000K 120V
    630 LUMENS 10,000 HR RATED
  2. get something closer to 6k and throws out more lumens...

    I have 8 26w-100w equiv. bulbs growing 8 plants, not enough but its working and holding me down till tomorrow when my cmh comes. Oh and those bulbs I have throw 1750 lumen each.
  3. so thes wont work for veg stage? combined 120w equiv and 1260 lumens

  4. That will work. Just make sure they're 6700k or something close to that. You want the bulbs to give off light in the blue spectrum for veg. Later during flowering you'll want to switch to 2700k (red spectrum). :smoke:
  5. You could check out my grow to see what the 26W 5000K CFLs can do...

    I use 5000K for veg and 2700K for flower
  6. nice but i only have 2 cfls
  7. its not optimum but those will work until the plant gets bigger. im using 2 26watt 100watt equivilent and one 36watt 150watt equivilent for one white widow clone and its budding nice. all 2700k i used 2 6700k 26watt for veg
  8. have any picks? and where did you get your bulbs? how much they runnin for (price)?
  9. got the 26/100 watts at walmart for around 6 or 7 dollars for a 4 pack. the 36w/150watt i got at lowes for under 10 dont remember exact prices the 150 needs a 3 stage lamp socket.

  10. yeah I got the same bulbs...just need to get a ballast for my HID now -_-

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