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CFL closet grow on extremely low budget

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by FlyingFalcon, Oct 20, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,
    Welcome to my grow journal for my first ever grow. Weeeeeellllllllll, technically it is my second grow. I first started with one random bagseed I had found. I threw it into a small pot with some strawberries that came with a strawberry starter kit. I thought the bagseed probably wouldn't grow at all so mainly I was trying to grow the strawberries. The bagseed did end up sprouting and it grew well for a day or two, then the leaves stopped growing and the seedling collapsed  :cry: I tried to prop it up but the damage was done. A brownish tint to the stem spread upward from the original damage and the stem became weak wherever the brown was. My guess is the collapse was caused by me burying the seed much too deep (same depth the strawberry kit told me to plant the strawberry seeds, about 2 inches in) and I also was a klutz and knocked the pot over once after the seedling sprouted. It seemed fine but about 24 hours after I knocked it over the seedling collapsed. Some good news, the strawberries are starting to sprout.  :metal:
    Right, enough with my first failed attempt. I am doing things a bit more seriously this time. I ordered 1 seed of Green Label Seeds Mountain Kush and received a free Delicious Seeds AUTO Critical Jack Herer seed. They are currently being packaged and should be sent out in the next couple days. My current plan is to grow both at once, the auto will be left alone to grow however it wants but for the Mountain Kush, I want to try "Main-Lining" (see for the tutorial I will be following). Even if I mess up the Main-Lining and kill my Mountain Kush (there is a pretty good chance for that) or slow it's growth considerably I will still get at least a few buds from the auto 65-70 days from germination.
    My current setup is in a closet with about a 2' X 3' floor space. I want to keep the plants short since I am quite limited in space and hopefully by the time the Mountain Kush is deep into flowering I will have more seeds and I will be starting a second level. Here is a picture of the space I am working in.

    The small pot and lights are still set up from when I tried my first bagseed in the strawberries. For this grow I am planning to split the space in half with some mylar sheeting once the Kush gets switched to 12/12 so I can keep the Jack Herer auto on 18/6. Here is a diagram of what I hope to have going by the time I start my next grow (preferably before this one finishes so I can get a bit of a perpetual harvest going).
    The soil I am using is SuperSoil Potting Soil. I found it at Home Depot for about $5 for a 10 quart bag. If any of you have used this soil and found it was terrible I can buy some different soil. In addition the soil has some wood chips in it. I have heard they are bad for growing marijuana in, should I pull it out, leave it in, or buy a new soil? Also, this soil does not seem to have any perlite of vermiculite. Should I mix some in? If so, any recommendations on brand or anything? In case you were wondering, the dirt in the strawberry pot is a weird mix that originally came in the strawberry starter kit as a compressed disk I had to soak in water. I have not bought any nutes yet, I am waiting for next paycheck on the 1st of November. Over the next week I will be picking up more lights, Mylar, Solo cups and, various sizes of pots. 
    For the seeds I plan to sprout them in a small "tent" (locker shelf with Mylar around it). Is this space big enough? Also how many CFL bulbs should I put in for growing 2 seedlings? I was planning either 2 23W 6500K bulbs or 1 round fluorescent tube. I found the round fluorescent at a Restore (super cheap store that is basically full of the most random stuff possible, all sorts of lights cables and random doodads. It reminds me of my father's garage with the shelves overflowing with old stuff he says he is going to fix and use) and as such I don't know it's wattage or spectrum. Based on the model number it seems to be a T9 that is curved. The spectrum definitely seemed redder than the 6500K CFLs I bought but maybe not as red as the 2700K CFLs. Should I use 2 CFL bulbs or the round fluorescent? Or i could do all 3, or even 4 6500K CFL bulbs. Here is what I am planning to do for the tent.
    That is pretty much everything for now. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions. This first post is a bit long but I want to get things right before I plant so I am not playing catch up. I rambled a bit and I haven't even smoked today. Since I saw this emoticon I had to throw it in because GC does rock, there are so many extremely helpful people here.  :gc_rocks:  :gc_rocks:  :gc_rocks:
    Finally for anyone interested, here is a picture of my lone strawberry plant that has successfully made it to the surface.
  2. Hi, for the soil yes you will need some perlite in the soil for drainage and aeration otherwise the soil will get water clogged and the soil will be too compact for the roots, plus they wont be able to get enough oxygen and it may die. Most recommend a 40/60 perlite to soil ratio. As long as the soil isn't too nutrient rich it will be ok for seedlings, and you don't want any big wood chips on the soil ideally as roots will find it hard to navigate their surroundings and the initial sprout may not be able to surface because the is a wood chip in the way. As for the light, the more light the better and 4 23w cfls you have should do the trick for veg stage, just make sure they stay close to the plants
  3. Thanks for the help, I will be buying some perlite before my seeds arrive. Is it safe to have 4 23W CFL bulbs when the seeds are first popping up from the soil?
  4. I'm very intrigued and interested in seeing how the "main-lining" technique works out especially when instituted by us noobs. Good luck to you on your grow!

    Btw, I'm currently 5 weeks into my second grow now. Mountain Kush as well, currently in preflower using cfl/led and a hydro bucket. I'll be subbed up and sitting in on this one to see how it goes.

  5. @ Flying Falcon

    How's the grow? Have you started?

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