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  1. I currently have two plants in my window sill there about 10 inches tall and have 21 leaf sets and i want to move them to a 15.5 inches deep 23 inches wide and 23.5 inches tall cabinet the inside is made of some white laminite will this work instead of mylar and i only have 2 13w 3000k cfls and 1 14w 3500k cfl is this enogh
  2. You need 6500k Daylight minimum of 23w equivalent to 100w
  3. dam how many tho
  4. 100 watt per plant. atleast 5000 lumens. that would be your minimum.
  5. 100 actual watts or = 100 incadecnt watts and so if i have to plants i need 200 watts
  6. If your doing cfls your going to needd 100 watts for one plant and 50more watts for each additional plant. Do not look at incandescent equivalent watts. Just look for actual watts it will be the lower number of the two, so if it says 23 watts 100 watt equivelant then its actually 23 watts. With cfls youll wanna keep then as close to the plant as possible without actually touching the plant. You can use those lights you have but you will need more.

    And yes anything white is very reflectice so it will work instead of mylar.

    If your going to be flowering very soom than i would stay with the lower k rated lights (2500) if your going to be vegging for a while longer than do half and half with the lights (half 2500 half 6000-6500)

  7. Not entirely true. I have a 125w cfl with 6400k and my girl is thriving. I added one 42w 2700k and I will add one more once I start flowering.

    But you should get some higher watt cfls. The lower the watts the closer you have to keep them to the plants because CFL's start to lose intensity quickly.
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    you might even want to do one 105 wat and two of these 55watts....

    55 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 250 W Equal - Warm White 2700K - Spring Lamp - Global Consumer Products 040 Light Bulb

    if you do it that way use this 105watt so youll still get the mixed spectrum.
    105 Watt CFL Light Bulb - 400 W Equal - Full Spectrum Daylight 6500K - Spring Lamp - Sunlite 05593 Light Bulb

    actually the more i look at it i would just do 5 of those 55 watts....youll end up with 275 watts for 52.70 instead of 215watts for $56.07
  9. yea good looks but what can i screw the light bulbs into and does my closet have to be compleatly sealed so no light comes in
  10. you could put them into lamps or you could go buy some double sockets at home depot or lowes and then either wire those to a cord or put them into a lamp.

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