CFL closet grow. First grow.

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  1. This is my first grow so please bear with me. The grow space is 2' wide x 15" deep x 6' high. Currently I'm growing 3 bag seeds that are just sprouting, 1 Mr nice guy clone ( the tallest), 1 GDP clone, and 1 LA Kush clone. All of the clones are dated 5-14-13. I'm running 4 75w equivalent, soft white cfl's. Actual wattage is 18 w each, and 1,170 lumens. 
    Not too sure what the humidity is but the temperature doesn't get over 75-80 f.
    Not really sure how much longer I should wait until I flower the clones. They don't look like they're close to being ready yet. 
    Any suggestions for my grow? I'll be going shopping tomorrow so I can pick up anything that I need to make this work. So far my shopping list consists of mylar or aluminum foil and a fan.


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  2. seems kinda dark in there  o.o
  3.  I agree. I'm hoping once I line the closet with foil that it will brighten things up a bit.
  4. mylars nothing like foil btw, foil only has a 50% reflectiveness rating or something like that.
    Thank you. I will buy Mylar then.
  6. Try using a metal reflector and placing the CFL's about 2 inches from your plants.  But good job, keep up the good work and keep us updated!
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    more light for sure... because of low heat output and the fact you can buy sockets cheap, Id cram as much cfl watts as possible, just keep the air with every bulb having a socket, the positioning/moving of the bulbs makes things easier
    hopefully this helps
  8.  OK. Thank you. 
  9. Thank you. That does help. As soon as I can make it to a store I'm buying a 8.5 inch clamp light with reflector. I'm going to stick 4 100w CFLs in it using a 4-way socket splitter. I'm also going to put 2-way sockets in all my other light. Mylar emergency sheets to line the closet  because it's more cost efficient and I only need to cover a small space.
  10. youll be happy with the new setup for sure
  11. im by no means an expert just what i have read and learned first hand so far...
    MORE LIGHT and directed better, you should really have alot more hanging over the plant. nothing lower than 26 actual watts.
    Also the pots you are using though are creative wont yield to much being so small. hoe big are those about a gallon?
    another thing about the pots does not look like you have nay drainage in them (holes cut in the bottom) would definatly do this you wanna fairly easily be able to get water coming out the bottom.
    You have a good amount a time to veg on these guys. 3-4 weeks whats your light schedule now?
    Also looks like you need some ventilation in there and some air movment. I would suggest a oscilating fan.
    And you should really look into monitering heat/humidity. Both meters cheap off of ebay or 5-6$ at the local fish store
    I did actually think the pots through long enough to put holes in the bottom and a bottom layer of gravel before adding soil. So drainage hasn't been a problem, but I'm sure an pot would be better. There's a window I keep open above the closet which keeps fresh air blowing it, but I am going to buy a fan. My light schedule is 18-6.
    I'll look into the heat and humidity monitoring. Thank you.
  13. Right on. Thank you. I'll upload more pics once I get it set up.

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