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CFL closet grow box <$100

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by remorse, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Hi all,
    This is the setup I've just cobbled together for my first grow. It's not 100% complete yet (still need to build the ScrOG screen) so it will probably be a bit over $100 unless I can round up the missing bits.

    Interior dimensions (in ") are: 15x15.75x31 .

    This dealie will go in the closet, and the situation is such that it can't be making huge amounts of heat, odor, noise or light. It's CFL for now, but if things work out, for the next round I'll try to work a 70w HPS into there, but before I invest more money into this, I want to see if I can manage to grow anything at all :)

    The prices for stuff are in U$D, maybe it will be helpful to someone wondering about the startup costs of a little grow. It could cost less for sure, especially the toy box was a rip, but I'm limited in my buying and scrounging options :)

    Pine toy chest\t$39.99
    2x 26W CFL\t$12.41
    Electrical cord\t$1.00
    Power strip\t$2.42
    Extension cord\t$5.26
    Light sockets\t$2.00
    15x Peat pots\t$1.00
    5qt Bucket\t$1.00
    Planter saucer\t$1.13
    Potting soil\t$2.42
    Dryer lint trap\t$10.36 <-- for carbon filter
    1qt White latex paint\t$4.85
    Nuts, bolts & washers\t$1.47
    4' diam. Toilet pipe mount\t$6.99
    Door latch\t$2.49

    Total: $96.89

    [Edit: added dimensions of the box]
  2. First, cut a hole for the 80mm exhaust fan. Going to use one taken from a computer case.

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  3. This is the same piece, but the side that will be on the inside of the box. Painted all inside surfaces with a few coats of white paint. Perhaps mylar in the future ;)

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  4. Making sure I drilled the holes for the fan's bolts in the right spots :) I got 2/4 diagonal from each other correct, good enough, right? I'm pretty mechanically inept :D

    For the curious, that's a Vantec Stealth 80mm fan, 12VDC, 27CFM, 21dBa @ ~2000RPM. Pulled it out of a computer that didn't really need it anymore. Make sure you check the arrows on the fan so it's moving air in the correct direction!

    The fan's powered by a cheapo 12v transformer meant for a camera or some portable thing. Make sure your transformer is rated for enough amps to power your fan! Figure out which lead is +, and make sure the fan's rotating in the correct direction before taping up the exposed wires.

    [Edit: added bit about transformer]

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  5. This is the fan on the exhaust side (outside the case)... looks like it has enough clearance.

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  6. The fan will exhaust into a 4" dryer vent tube attatched via that toilet part from the inventory. Before putting on the joining piece, I thought to try to make it airtight.

    That's cut up bicycle inner tubes, tacked around where the next piece will be making contact.

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  7. This thing is something that's meant for a toilet. I saw it in the hardware store, and it seemed the perfect thing to mate the dryer vent tube to the box! I don't know what the real name for this thing is. Bolt it right on there and made sure it was sitting on the inner tube segments.

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  8. Sorry about the blurry pic. This is the inner side of that same piece, with the first light socket attatched. Small square hole in the lower right is for the power strip's cord.

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  9. The box assembled, and the second light socket put on the other wall of the box on the opposite side (it's across from the fan). Those funny holes on the left side came pre-drilled in the toy chest kit, so I'm using the bottom 3 for air intake (I've blocked up the upper 2 with duct tape... might open them up later if it doesn't interfere with intake from the bottom ones).

    You can also see the closet where it will soon be making it's home!

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  10. Quick shot of the interior. Thanks to my POWERFUL BRAIN, I wired up the light sockets in the wrong order (the one with the AC plug should have been on the side with the fan). And thanks to my equally powerful LAZY-BONE, I'm not bothering to fix it :)

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  11. Screwed on the door, put on a latch to keep it shut. Also, when joining the sides together, I stuck long strips of cut up bike inner tube along them. You can see a piece sticking out in the lower right corner of the top of the box. I applied caulk to all the joints on the inside of the box as well. Hopefully it's pretty airtight now.

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  12. Turned on the CFLs, turned off the overhead light and checked for spots where light could leak in/out. Everyone here seems to stress the importance of total darkness during the 12/12 phase, so I figured I'd do check it now before the plants move in. Most of the spots with light leaks got generous applications of duct tape, especially around the power cord inlet.

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  13. I just thought picture this looked cool :D Remember the briefcase from Pulp Fiction?

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  14. There's a little baby sprouting in there now. Note the orange soda can light reflectors :)

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  15. A shot of the in-progress exhaust system. For $10, I got a "indoor dryer lint trap kit". It's a few feet of that flexy dryer tube (4") and that little plastic box you see sitting on the floor. My idea is to jimmy the box a little (going to put some cardboard baffles inside), and fill it with some good activated carbon. Odor isn't an issue since there's just a sprout living in there, so I've just been venting into the closet.

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  16. Why not use a brighter CFL than 26W? Try it with two 42 watt "daylight color" CFL's. I guarantee you won't regret it as long as they get the air and water they need.
  17. Hey,

    Yeah, those would be better, no doubt. I was trying to throw this together using stuff that was immediately available to me here in town. If the thing turns out not to be a total death-chamber, I'll probably make many improvements :)
  18. yeah, and you can get away with using the 2 CFLs in there for veg, so save up another $15 and get your self 2 more sockets and CFLs, to add in for flowering, i think the $15 will pay for itself in harvest increase ;).;...

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