CFL Cardboard Box Hydro - "White Domina" Mid way Journal

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  1. I meant to document this whole grow, but being a lazy stoner, you know how that goes:smoke:

    Strain: White Domina
    Veg time: 6.5 to 7 weeks
    Lighting: 3 x CFL for Veg (2 blue, 1 red spectrum) | 3 x CFL for Flower ( 2 red, 1 blue spectrum)

    May 25 - Switched to 12/12
    June 14 - 1 day from 3 week flower

    My last grow was a soil PC setup and I didnt like the results from soil so I switched to hydro. I ended up going out of town for a week and a half and the Hydro monster outgrew my PC setup so I constructed a simple cardboard box.

    I constructed my simple hydro setup with bits and pieces from these 2 guides: This one (Shout out to Rumpleforeskin!)
    And this one (Shout out to PhL0aTeR!)

    Here's what it currently looks at, 1 day from 3 weeks flower:



  2. Looks good, I'll be watchin this thread.

    (question, bout to start my first grow soon ((Hydro)). You said your plant outgrew your PC set up, how can I prevent that from happening?)
  3. Always like to watch 'em grow up :)

  4. Well they vegged about 4 weeks under my watch, and I went out of town for 2 and had a friend watch em', so for me personally, in 6 weeks they got too big for the PC.

    If you want more than 6 week veg in a PC, be on your game with LST and if you plan to FIM / TOP the plant, it WILL become much more like a bush than a plant. Remember, hydro grows about 3x fast. :smoke:
  5. June 22 - Week 4 flower

    Already white hairs showing up on multiple sites, no smell yet but its looking nice.


  6. Hey man nice grow you got going there the setup looks good and plants look healthy you know your stuff but i cant state enughjust how bad using foil is for your plants. The reason is foil will reflect the light but not evenly it concentrates some of the light like tiny lasers and if that beam hits the plant it will burn holes in the plant tissue.

    I recomend you ether paint your box flat white or you can use mylar. Mylar is avalable from any hydro store and isnt even expensive but will give you a even light reflection.

    I also think a set of larger CFLs would give you a better yield but the ones you have will do fine if you dont mind a little loss in speed or production.

    Keep growing and look forward to your next update.

  7. Hey man, thanks for the advice and good vibes! I'm actually using the mylar / foil tap, and not aluminum foil. Is that ok, or should I still remove the tape from the top of the bubble container?

  8. I didnt relise it was the tape lol. Dont think the tape will do much diferent to the mylar as far as causing light intensity but would still recomend white mylar rather than a metalic tape for heat reflection intensity. Im no expert on shiny stuff so dont realy know if the tape will be worse than sheet but its sure as hellbetter than foil lol. I found it out the hard way,took me a lot of time playing with soil and nutes before realising it was foil lol. Keeping the foil on the bubbler would be fine as far as im aware as light will struggle to get down there after geting thrue all the leaves and other obsticles so good to get all the light down there reflected back up.

    Just noticed your bubbler has some places light can get in. Its best to make sure its dark with no light at all as roots hate light and alge and fungi love warm water with light.

    Take care man :wave:

  9. Thanks for the input man, I'll definitely get on those spots where there's light leakage :)
  10. Black and white poly is pretty awesome. aka panda film. Good light reflection, no hot spots.
  11. June 30 - 5 week and 1 day flower

    Sorry for no picture update folks, going on a week vacation, should be posting some new pics on the 11 - 13 of July. It'll be close to week 7 flow then, assuming mah' homie keeps my girl alive!

  12. July 12 - 1 day from 7 week flower. Smelling real nice and swelling good too :).

    Here's a few pics:


    Will post more ina week :smoke::wave:
  13. July 21 Update - Been flowering 8 weeks and 1 day, another week and it'll get the CHOP! I'll be sure to update with weight.


  14. Sorry I never put up pictures, the total dry weight was only 11g's. Tastes lemony fresh though. Hopefully next yield will be atleast a half zip.

  15. First off, congratulations on producing your own harvest! Even if it was a little small, you grew your own medicine and there is something to be said for that. Quality is what really matters. I know I like lemony buds. Its a good feeling when you spark a bowl of something that you watched grow, right? I know I feel good whenever I do :)

    So what are your plans for increasing your yield?

  16. Haha thanks for the positive feedback man, yeah it feels excellent tasting your own product. Next yield I hope to ATLEAST get a half zip. That being said I'm gonna try to veg 7.5 - 8.5 week (opposed to 6.5) and also increase the CFL wattage....

    Anyway here's the overdue pic of whats left of the harvest (roughly 5.5 g's)


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