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  1. So seed sprouted yesterday and is still sprouting 24/7 light 2, 23 watt cfls.:wave:[​IMG]
    It all happened when i found dank ass chronic on the ground had great smoke and my friend has an eye for seeds and said look i found a seed. This is my first grow ever!
  2. ill be posting everyday with new pics:)
  3. I need help why is the seed stil there ? when the leaves show will it go away please help fellow tokers
  4. You can very, very carefully take the seed shell off.
  5. thanks man for the help i appericate you a lot karma will favor you :)
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    Anything for a fellow blade :wave::smoke:

    Also, if the plant becomes to top heavy you can either fill the container more so the plants stand up straight, or you can use a small stick or something to support the seedling :)
  7. [​IMG] Hey man look how pretty it is :)
  8. Awesome to see! :D
  9. just covered it with more soil it is doing great:) hope its female so much
  10. [​IMG]
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeeaaaaaaaah xD
  11. Looking good bird seed :)

    If I were you, I would add 2-3 more of those 23w CFLs
  12. There is 4 cfls in there now.:)

  13. Awesome:smoke:
  14. image-930466381.jpg

    These are my tomato plants :3

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  15. i want know if its going to be indica or sativa because if it is sativa then i would have to flower in like 3 -5 days but if it is indica i would keep it like this for 2-3 weeks i have limited space.
  16. image-42968872.jpg
    Day 10 hehe:3
  17. Stipules is showing and i put in flower yesterday :) cant wait to see what sex it is lets hope we see white hairs soon:)
  18. Ooh lookin good so far.

    Short veg time em? I just flipped my girls to 12/12 two nights ago myself! Hopin to see some lady bits here in the next couple of days.
  19. Yeah this a closet grow and i dont know if its sativa or indica so the veg time was 2 weeks and 1 day.

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